Friday, July 16, 2010

Clinelle ~~

Dearest mummy early morning woke me up to ajak me go shopping .. RAWR
Okay la , its not early ad , 10am d ^^
Passed by the Centre Court and saw Clinelle doing their promotion .
Mummy had been a fan of Clinelle's products so she was excited when she saw promotion !
The promoter was very friendly and she slowly explain step by step to us .
Blemish has been my main problem all this while and due to my oily skin , blemish more serious .

So this is what we brought !
Guess what's inside ? ^^

This PVC bag was given free for buying the Clears Blemishes pack .

This is what we brought
1. Purifying toner
2. UV Defence SPF 28
3. Clears Blemishes pack

This is what we get in total . LOL
Minus out the 3 items listed above that i bought , others are all free . yes , FREE !
~ 2 big cosmetic pouch
~ 2 small coin purse
~ 2 Eye and Lip Make Up Remover
~ 2 Moisture Booster sample
~ 1 Intense Skin Moisturizer sample
~ 1 laughing ball
~ 1 Clinelle PVC Bag

Then went to Haagen Dazs for ice cream .
Had Belgian Chocolate & Macadamia Nut .
Damn freaking nice lo . I WANT MORE !! ^^

Sorry for the lack of updates ya !
Will update more soon ^^

Love ,
Shereen <3

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Semester ~

New semester had just started 2 days ago which is Monday .
My timetable is kinda free now as I'm only taking 2 papers .
But on certain days that I'm free , I need to go work . Rawr T.T
Certain lecturer is nice , some make me just feel like bringing earplugs into the class .
Both paper's lecturer shorten our lunch break . haihz .

Went to Nose warehouse sale today .
Er , choices was limited but it is really cheap .
Where to find Nose heels at RM10 and some bags at only RM5 ?
I ended up buying nothing maybe due to their cutting not so suitable for me ?
Because I have elephant leg ? xD

Last 2 weeks plus I was having holidays and watched quite a few movies .
* She's out of my league * = 6/10
* Knight and Day * = 8/10
* The Back-up Plan * = 7/10

Just a simple update coz I dunno wad to post about >.<
Happy studying & Happy working to all ~
Love lots ,
Shereen <3