Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleep~~ >.<

OMG.. these few days I really feel very very tired..>.<. EXTREMELY tired!!

Haiz.. I really can sleep anytime and at anywhere.. my god!!

Don't know what to post about.. and I am very tired now..

So, lets stop here, >.<..

People, lets go to sleep. HAHA~~

p/s : I haven't study much for all my T..., (actually is like I didn't study anything yet.. >.<.) and Progress Test 1 is coming soon, so........ HAIZ~~ and what I want to do is just sleep, so hope i will dream of something bout PT1.. =.=''.. LOL.. xP

Pauline >.<

Outing at Pyramid with Piggy Family ^^

Hie all once again . ^^ I already posted something about this outing . This is just an update of some pictures that we took on that DAYPiggy Family went to Pyramid last friday again . Pyramid had became the popular hang out spot for all of us since we started studying at Sunway College . Last friday , piggy family skip moral class and went to Pyramid . So noti hor >.< 注定了你要和我们去唱K . lol . We really enjoy there . We forced Hwa Siong to sing with us even though he very shy . End up we pick those old old and emo song . lol . Let the pictures do the talking . Too lazy d ^^

Shereen , Pauline , Nicole

Tom Yum soup with rice . the soup very nice XD

Drinks >.<>

Nicole & Shereen

Nicole & Shereen again XD

p/s : Test coming up . so wont be updating blog so often due to preparation . ^^ wish all of us the best XD

Love ,
ShereeN aka Th3 Purpl3 PriNceSs

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Balance Sheet of Life~~ SOFP XD

The happiness of life is made of little things - a smile, a hug, a moment of shared laughter.

It's not the wealth you amass but what you give to others and the lives you touch that you take with you for eternity!

Our Birth is our Opening Balance!
Our Death is our Closing Balance!
Prejudiced Views are our Liabilities.
Creative Ideas are our Assets.
Our heart is our Current Asset.
Our soul is our Fixed Asset.
Our brain is our Fixed Deposit.
Our thinking is our Current Account.
Achievements are our Capital.
Character & Morals are our Stock-in-Trade.
Friends are our General Reserves.
Values & Behaviours are our Goodwill.
Patience is our Interest Earned.
Love is our Dividend.
Children are our Bonus Issues.
Education is Brands / Patents.
Knowledge is our Investment.
Experience is our Premium Account.
The Aim is to Tally the Balance Sheet Accurately.
The Goal is to get the Best Presented Accounts Award.

Saw this in a friend's blog.. and I think is quite meaningful.. so post it here and share with all of u. =)
And most important is it's related to what we are studying now --- CAT. With all those account thingy, and this is Balance Sheet of Life.. HAHA xP

Have a look..=)

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Pauline ^^

sudah di titiwangsa..><

hihi=) today we ponteng class and went pyramid..geng ka we all..><.
so..after pujuking and merajuking at bang(gor)..he only agreed to drive us to pyramid..
eat alot alot alot today at pyramid><.McD punya ice cream..McD punya lunch set..after that went amp square sing k eat till stomach big big round><.
lepas perjalanan pulang ke kolej..kita semua berkomunikasi dalam bahasa melayu..sot jor><..sambil cakap sambil ketawa..hahaha..ketawa sampai ke kolej tak berhenti..dan sebab kita bertiga (reen, ah bao, nic) macam sampat po ni..ketawa terbahak-bahak di situ..bang cakap dia tak kenal kita..hoh!! apa bang ni kan? lol..

kay lar..itu sahaja..haha..*yawn* eyes gonna close d..tired nya~~ i gonna go join them at titiwangsa d..haha..xD nights=)=)=)

ps: everyone drink more more more more water..dont fall sick..especially ah bao..=)

Nic ><

Friday, July 24, 2009

Setengah-mati !

Hie all .
Okay la pig family , I know I quite long didn't update already .
What la blog die d . lol .

So many things happen this whole month
All that happened to me is not so good
I'm stress , tired and slowly giving up on some stuff
Nothing seems going my way this month
Everything just went wrong
Sometimes i just sat down and blindly staring at something
Not knowing what to do
Worse is all those things happen one after another
I don't even have the time to breathe and yet another problem hits on me
Okay , enough of sad stuff d

Today went Pyramid with pig family
Eat non stop today
Lets see what i ate and drank from yesterday night till today
1. Mcd sundae cone x2
2. Secret recipe chez choc cake
3. Hot chocolate
4. Bread
5. Nasi lemak
6. Mcd nugget
7. French fries
8. Soft drink
9. Tom yum soup
10. Watermelon juice
11. Orange juice
12. Ice lemon tea
13. Lychee water
14. Honey lemon water

GG la this time . been eating a lot this few months
zzzzz. dunno gain how much weight d .
Din bought anything today
Bought FATS !!
tmr need go work. sobs.

I think i better stop here . Been yawning since just now . zzz. To all my family and frens , pls do take good care of yr health . More and more ppl falling sick d . First Xiu Qi , then me wif bit sore throat , now Pauline wif flu . Take care hor !!

Signing off ,
The Purpl3 PrinCesS ^^

Ponteng.. XP

Hello everyone.. long time didn't post sth here.. XD (but not longer than the third pig -- Nicole >.<...) xP

So, lets type something random here la.. haha XP

Okay, today was a very tired and bored day. XD Today, we had our T7 class in the morning. Then, we suppose to go for our Moral Education class after T7, but we did a very "smart job". We PONTENG.. haha XP
We went pyramid by Hwa Siong's car. (now Hwa Siong is also known as "bang", i.e short form for abang =.=) haha.. XD

Huey Yann and Wee Nee joined us too, but they went movie while we went McDonalds for our lunch. Lunch time promotion -- RM5.95. =P So, 5 piggies except Xiu Qi (she went along with her friend) had lunch and chit chat in McD for about 1 hour. haha... Then, we decided to go and sing K, but bang don't want, he wanted to play bowling, so we went to bowling centre, but unfortunately, today there was some kind of competition and bang din get to play. So, we decided to go for our actual plan -- sing K. Haha.. so we headed to Red Box but it's too expensive, so we went AmpSquare. There's much much cheaper than Red Box, as u all know la, we are still students, no money and we going to broke soon.. haha XD

So, we sang and laughed inside the dark room, and the most important thing, we eat again.. zzz.. we are rly from Pig Family.. haha XP Today we ate lots of thing.. super full.. going to gain some weight again.. >.<.. sobs sobs.. XD 4 of us high gao gao inside the KTV room.. Bang also sing le.. LOL..

Then, we went back college for the so called english class, CSB. For me, I think is for all of us, CSB class is waste of time, the lecturer just talked something random and talked lots of crap there, zzz.. for me what she talked were not related to our syllabus.. so, the class was just bored for me =.=... mayb next week we going to do our "smart job" -- ponteng again. HAHA..

Well, that's all for dis post.. super tired now.. and I think I going to fall sick soon.. >.<.. God Bless.. I don't want to fall sick..>.<.

p/s : Bang playing basketball with his friends now.. enjoy ya.. xD
p/p/s : I am having flu and headache now.. >.<.
p/p/p/s : All piggies must take care urself ya.. cause every1 falls sick now..>.<.
p/p/p/p/s : Hope Shereen's brother get well soon.. =)
p/p/p/p/p/s : Pig Head --- Xiu Qi, u must drink lots of water i tell u.. u see ur sore throat, flu plus cough.. until now also haven't recover.. so.. MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST drink lots lots lots lots lots of WATER.. plain WATER.. haha XP

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Small Pig ^^
Pauline =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tiring day + depressed~!!!

From now onward, wed seems to b da day wher all of us go for exercising~!!!yea~!!time to diet d xiu qi~!!stop eeaatingg~~~(afta joining CAT,i gain so so so so so so so so so much weight)everyday oso eating!!!! >.<
went for badminton at 3k wif my classmates-24ppl...n v had booked 4 court for da game...every1 play so noobies ther..zzzz haiz~!!!
okay..v played till 230pm...freaking tiring...went yamcha wif piggy family afta tat..had our AGM meeting till 5pm. then went bac home~!!
NOW~!! hand n leg muscle pain..neck pain...CONCLUSION~~whole body pain..long time never exercise is lik tat lol..haiz~!!

well,afta da new semester started..there`s too many scene happened that had changed my``world``~!!!! i felt so depressed~!! im so lost in sumwher...i dunno n couldn`t imagine wat will happen following...every1 is jz hiding away...REAlly hoping tat i could turn bac da time..or i shd jz run away from all dis??/Heartache...heartbroken~!!!

i know, i shd either face it or jz let jz.......HAIZ~!!!!

BT im really gald tat i hav u all wif me by my side all da time...I LOVE U ALL.PIGGIES FAMILY~!!!!

~xiu qi ~

十二星座付出感情的方法~~ 天秤座 XD


HAHA~~ have a look.. izit like me? XD

Small Pig^^

12 星座付出感情的方法

心理測驗,結果是 摩羯座真愛的門檻:有內涵並且夠膽瘋狂

要說聰明,摩羯座絕對是頂尖的。他精打細算,前後做事都有餘地絕對不虧。摩羯座也許在年輕的時候會冒些風險,但是冒險過以後,就不再會了。如果你遇到一位 很穩重的摩羯座,而且他做事情絕不冒險,放心,他瘋狂過,而且絕對是小說中那樣浪漫的情懷。摩羯座的記性很好的,吃過的虧,隱忍,不會再犯第二次錯。你可 以有很多機會罵別人“笨蛋”“傻子”“豬頭”,但是對於摩羯座,這種機會很少,而且你罵他的話,是會嘗到代價的!說摩羯座小心眼,其實這是很不要解釋的問 題。他們的確很斤斤計較,但是他們更以大局為重,在以大局為重的情況下,他們是少見的,仍然斤斤計較的一群很有意思的人類。有的時候,你會被他們的好記 性,很週全的考慮,連最後一個細節都不忘的表現逗笑。摩羯座可以說是居家過日子的良伴,也是一位良師益友。不過有個問題,摩羯座人其實蠻好色的,而且還有 一群不分年齡階層的軍團崇拜他。有一天你驚訝的發現了這一切,你能忍嘛?

哈哈哈!!本人觉得很好笑~!!其实呢,本人觉得。。。几准一下下。。。哈哈。。。那些红色的都是我黑暗的一面。。。怎么说呢? 大家要小心我咯!! XD

*我将会静静的不出声,然后会再让你静静的死掉~* 明白了吗?要记住哦!!哈哈哈!!


Monday, July 20, 2009




你的愛情,不但成熟,而且沈澱.有種境界叫:見山又是山,見水又是水.你大概就是如此吧!你終於可 以很溫柔地看待不同愛情階段的人,並且可以很溫柔地陪伴和對待對方,你不企求長相廝守的承諾,因為你深知其中難處;你不會殘忍地打破愛情中年輕人的夢想, 你只會微笑地等他看見當中的青澀.如果,有個人能真正地愛到你,也真正地被你所愛,那麼一定是件幸福的事;不,不止是幸福,應該說,這才是最浪漫的事.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

U can do it !

After what had happen , I will stand up with my head held up high and look forward . Thx for piggy family the most . They had been there for me through out all these times . Giving me support and advice that makes me realise that I should look forward . This is not the end yet . Love piggy family a lot !

p/s : thx to pig kor a lot for giving me a lot of advice and tips ^^

Signing off ,
Shereen ^^




Saturday, July 18, 2009

Friendships ---- 2 types of friends~~

There are 2 types of friends around us.....

A simple friend has never seen you cry. A real friend has shoulders soggy from your tears.

A simple friend doesn't know your parents' first names. A real friend has their phone numbers in his address book.

A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party. A real friend comes early to help you cook and clean.

A simple friend hates it when you call after he has gone to bed. A real friend asks you why you took so long to call.

A simple friend seeks to talk with you about their problems. A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A simple friend wonders about your romantic history. A real friend could blackmail you with it.

A simple friend, when visiting, acts like a guest. A real friend opens your refrigerator and helps himself.

A simple friend thinks the friendship is over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight.

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them. A real friend expects to always be there for you!

True friends are the siblings God forgot to give us. =)

When it hurts to look back, and you are scared to look ahead, look beside you and your bestfriend will be there. ^^

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Pauline =)












暧昧是, 有感觉,然而,这种感觉不足以叫你们切切实实地发展一段正式的关系。



















朋友? 暧昧? 情人?


Small Pig ^^


本人呢,要和PCCA的成员们致谢!!谢谢你们哦!你们真的很贴心,很体贴~ 今天呢,为了要陪女朋友而放飞机了。。。真的很对不起。。。可是,她还是生气。哈哈哈哈!!算了。。。很开心有你们的陪伴哦~

爱死你们了 ^#^


Friday, July 17, 2009
















Nic ><


After so long(2weeks),finally i go c guai.... >.<>..FLU + COUGH + SORE THROAT~~ T.T its veli suffering..cannot drink cold water, no ice cream,no ice kacang,no fried food,no waffle esp when ther`s NO CHILLI...oh god..~!!!! (my piggy family stop me from taking chilli >.<) (no chilli = no life) get me?? =p
supposingly,i shd hav gone for clubbing in MOS wif bunch of frenz, high gao gao ther coz of stupid sickness...i gotta stay at home...haiz~!!!sobs~!!sienz~!!!

~xiu qi~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family photo !!

All heard about Piggy Family already for quite some time , but didn't get to see pictures of the members of the Piggy Family right ? Okay la , today will show you who is those 5 piggies . lol . That day i just randomly thought that our family dont have a family photo . So just randomly took the picture below . By looking the smile on our face , u will be so jealous of all of us . We are proud to be part of the Piggy Family . We share everything together , both happiness and sad times . Although we only know each other like starting of the year , but we are so close to each other as though we know each other for 5 years already .

4 out of 5 members of Piggy Family
from left to right :
Xiu Qi , Shereen , Nicole , Pauline

Just wanna say that I appreciate all the times they being there for me , be there wif me through all my ups and downs . I'm sorry if i neglect u guys at times . I'm proud to have brother and sisters like u all . muacksxx. love u guys a lot . ^^

Signing off ,
Shereen aka Th3 PuRpl3 PriNceSs

Tired~~ happy XD

Few days didn't post here.. here I come.. haha XP

Today, we went 3K to play badminton after class. Before we went 3K, we had our lunch at rock cafe. 5 piggies except Hwa Siong had lunch together with Mr.Bill, he is very very very, super duper funny. HAHAHA~~ We chit chat and laughed all the way during lunch. haha~~

Well, we had fun during badminton, but 2moro our hands will be very pain, muscle cramp. Pig family except Hwa Siong seldom do exercise, thats why. HAHA~~ Tired but had fun..

After badminton, pig family had "AGM" outside 3K. HAHA~~ We can share everything with each other with no hiding since we are family, wohoo~~ I love pig family.. haha~~ xP

Okay, very tired now, my eyes going to close.. but still have to read through T9 1st before i sleep >.<.. haha~~ signing off.. pig family, sleep earlier ya.. ^^

p/s : Don't have words such as "ishhh" or "jerrr" in this post.. haha.. coz today quite happy.. XD

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Small Pig ^^


今天呢,和朋友们到 3k 打羽球。 好久没打,生疏 + 老了。。。被欺负了。。。T__T 哈哈,蛮开心。。。。还有, 第④的猪~~你呢,就别想太多了。。。有话呢,就和他坦然。。。不然事情是很难解决的。。。哈哈,不管怎样。。。都会支持你~ 祝你幸福咯~

HS aka 白猪!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


tired~tired~tired~! mon n tues is da most tiring day...class from 8am till 6.15pm....i feeel lik jumping off a buildings d...zzzzzzzzz......iiSSHHH~~~~!!!!!! eeyyyeerrrr~~!!!IISSHHH~!!!! hai-ish~!!!
ahhahaahhahahaa.......i got influence by our small piggy d....XD who can help me!~~!!~~!!! i ned massage ~~!!!! XD

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xiu qi aka s.p.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


今天呢,我出席了一个聚会。哈哈,人数不多~只有七个人。有四位女生 + 三位男生(包括我)。。。其实呢~四位女生都没什么变。。。第一位女生呢,是和我很熟的。。。认识了11年了。。。另一位呢,是女主角,她要去台湾了。。。一去就是四年。。她呢(更厉害!和我认识了17年了)!!从小幼稚园就坐在我旁边到小学都是,中学她读女校可是还有MSN嘛~哈哈~。。。已经熟到烂了啦~~哈哈哈哈。。。有一位还说从六年级到现在都没高过,保持在150cm而已。。。=.= 她站我旁边还真的很像小妹妹!!另一个呢,特地从kampar来出席这次的聚会~太感激你了~她呢,又瘦了。因为一场病。。。现在只有39公斤啊!!!我的天!!!风吹得走吧?!哈哈哈。。。另外两位男生呢,是死党。。。=.= 就不必说他们了。。。哈哈哈。。。反正都时常喝茶的~哈哈哈。。。总之呢~很开心。。。在那女生离开前应该还会再来个大聚会吧?等待-ing~~~~~

H.S aka aka aka aka aka ~~~

Bored~~ >.<

Haiz, today so sien.. sleepy again.. >.<

Haven't study, haven't search for the T8 annual report.. so mafan.. >.<
Don't know do what in this weekends.. >.<

HAHA~~ just a random post here.. XP

Pauline =)

幸福 。 感恩








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Saturday, July 11, 2009


~ 如果你喜欢他就告诉他,即使他拒绝了,也不会丢面子,因为在他心里,会因为你的真情而非常非常感激你。

~ 如果他喜欢你,要明确告诉他你对他的感情,喜欢就是喜欢,不喜欢就是不喜欢,千万不要怕伤害他而忧郁不决,不要让他等到最后才受到抛弃,因为男孩子的心一旦碎了就很难很难再好起来。

~ 男孩子也有自己的脾气,只是因为爱你而压抑着,不要总是任性,有时他们的决定也很有道理.

~ 男孩子莫名的向你发脾气,那时因为爱你,把你当成最亲,最贴心,最有安全感的人,千万不要冲他发脾气反击,静静的等着,等他消气后满怀后悔来抱你。

~ 他为你准备的东西,即使再难看,再廉价,也要去珍惜,因为那里面融汇着他整晚的思绪。

~ 相信他给你多么多么美好的生活,要给他鼓励,因为鼓励会让他创造奇迹。

~ 不要总是打探他去哪,告诉他注意安全,你会等着他就可以。

~ 不要总说~我爱你~,他会半真半笑着说你烦,但不要不说,因为有时候,他们比女孩子更需要这句。

~ 他为你掉眼泪了,那么他是真的非常爱你,珍惜他的每一滴泪,不要道歉,不要安慰,握着他的手,默默的为他擦去泪滴。

~ 要信任他,他爱你,就什么都不会骗你,即使真的有欺骗,也是为让你们的爱情能够永远不离不弃。

It's not easy to find someone that you love and loved you back at the same time . So it is important that we cherish and treasure our loved ones and the relationship. Both people need to tolerate each other to prevent any unnecessary arguments from happening . This will also let him/her know that how much you care and treasure them . Show them how much you love them . It doesn't need to be any expensive gifts or dinner . Small little things will leave an unforgettable memory because they will know that's a lot effort you put in . Treasure each other before it is too late .

Love ,
Shereen aka Th3 PuRpl3 PriNcEsS


Okay, today i going to post something in chinese. XD Haha~~


好吧,开始咯。好在几年前,小翔就认识了和他同班的小薇。一开始,两人都没什么交谈,直到上了中四,两人开始有点交谈,是在msn 上互相谈谈心事。大概是上了中五吧,小翔喜欢上小薇,但小薇还不知道,直到小翔的死党拿了小翔那部以小薇的照片作为手机背景画面的手机让小薇看,小薇才恍然大悟。就在 2006年12月31日晚上大概11点多,小翔对小薇告白了,但小薇并没有马上答应他。2007年1月1日凌晨3点多,小薇终于接受了小翔,两人就这样成为了令人羡慕的甜蜜情侣。<3<3
这对小情侣的关系在这两年多里一直都维持得很好。但最近小薇却不时对小翔发脾气,常会有点无理取闹,不理睬小翔。但,小翔都会忍耐,就算小薇不回他的简讯,小翔还是会天天sms 她。但,小翔有时也会觉得累,女友不理睬自己,难免会有点伤心,但小翔从不后悔爱上小薇。他还是会默默地为小薇付出,可说是二十四孝男友。

小翔可说是世间少有的好男生,就快绝种了。他愿意为小薇付出任何一切,为她做任何事,只为博红颜一笑,让小薇开心。就拿今早的事来说吧,今早小翔和小薇相约好让小翔送小薇到college, 然后再到宠物点去选购小狗。小薇的狗狗在几天前不幸过世了,她非常疼爱那只狗狗,所以小狗突然过世,让小薇很伤心。所以,为了不让小薇伤心,小翔决定买一只和小薇之前那只狗一模一样的狗狗给小薇。就这样,两人约好今天要去宠物店一趟,寻觅可爱的狗狗。但,怎么知道,在小翔出门前,他俩突然吵架了,小薇不知何故非常生气,不理会小翔,决定自己开车去上课,小翔也拿她没办法,只觉得很无奈。但,小翔在下午时还是特地开车到college 等小薇下课,要给她一个意外惊喜。希望小翔可以成功哄回小薇吧。



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今早应该载她去学校然后陪她去宠物店的。怎么知道一大早就吵架了 =( 很无奈。为什么就那么容易生气?我知道你和其他女生很不同,可是很多事情往往有很多解决方法,想东西也要从其他人的角度去想,坚决你自己的立场而对我的无情。。。。。=( 如果你真的在我的立场来看这一切,你自己一定会觉得全部都是那么的不可理喻。。。知道吗?我对你从来不会说“不”。哎,无言了。。。“爱一个人是无罪的。。。可是别让他心淡”。。。。没心情了。。。


Friday, July 10, 2009

10th july 09- testing of class..XD

As usual fetching shereen n nicole to coll..on our way to coll..v GOSSIP~!lol..gals~!!tats normal~!!v were all complaining abt da timetable n lect..where actually v suppose to hav our t7 n ME 2day..sienz~!!!!all of us dun feel lik goin for da class...afta discussing for so so long (from klang till sunway)v reach to da final decision...LETS GO GRP 1 TESTING HOW`s DA CLASS N also da lect T6(MR JANA)..v den msg hwa siong n pauline..asking them to join us along...MANA TAU...they refuse to..haiz~!!! so..when v reaches coll..v straight head to da lect.hall to booked a place n then left da classs...*thinking wanna suprised da grp 4 ppl* haha...XD when its time v walk into da class.. well..i think v did suprised them...they r kind of suprised to c 3 of us ther... :P

Few min later MR JANA walks in da was my 1st time seeing him..i thought he was a veli strict n fierce afta all..he`s really gud n nice......b4 he start abt his lesson..he wants da whole class to stand up..singing da national song...lolzz...swt~!! =.=

i was quite blurrrrrr ther...since i`ve ady missed after all still managed to catch up...XD JANA is really a joker..all of us laugh from starting of da class till end of class...

n is da 1st time i could stay up for da whole day...damn semangat study~!!hahahah XD(coz normally i`ll b in hawaii dancing d) :P

after lunch..WAH~!!!is a nice time to sleep..every1 feel so so sleepy..he den call a gal from dunno wher...cum n entertain us for a while..tat gal is really awesome~!!damn yeng~!!!cool~!!fantastic~!!!WOW~!!!..after tat sum of da students requested JANA to sing..YEA...he can realy sing~~~!!!!!!!......


lazy wanna type d..lets jz end bah~!!

although it`s really tired after so many hrs of studying...from 8 till i enjoyed...it1s a great day~!!!!

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xiu qi

Sleepy day~~

Hahaha.. this morning i was quite sleepy in the class. Xiu Qi, Shereen and Nicole went to join Group 1 today and left Hwa Siong and I. I keep yawning all the way throughout the class >.<, non-stop, i yawned every 5 minutes i think, haha XP.

After our moral class ends at around 2 sth, I joined Hwa Siong and Martin to rock cafe for our lunch. We din eat since morning, dam hungry, haha. Well, we eat and we talk. Our conversation was very funny and we talked about durian. HAHA~~ for ur information, I'm anti-durian, I never eat before(not even 1 bite) our so called "King of Fruit" --- Durian, i don't dare to eat and i just don't know why and i feel that the smell of durian is smelly.(sorry to all the durian lovers xP) HAHA~ when both Hwa Siong and Martin know dat i don't eat durian, they just keep laughing and said durian is so tasty.. haha. Martin keep AIYO and even said "No durian, No life" haha~~. Then i told them that i don't eat crab, mutton, chewing gum, otak-otak, duck and so on.. they just keep AIYO and we laughed non-stop. HAHAHAHA~~ Then we said about bitter gourd, and i said bitter gourd is very nice, but both of them showed me the face like kena bomb, they don't like bitter gourd, HAHA~~, they said my taste is weird and don't know wat to say about me.. haha.. laughed all the way and finally we went home. TIRED DAY~~ LOL!

Okay, since Hwa Siong post something in Chinese, let me switch the channel to mandarin also. Lol.. *switch*

Haiz.. don't know why can't type in chinese, zzz =.=. Just forget about it ba, very sleepy now, signing off d. So, will post something if i found something to crap more. HAHA xD BYE~~

p/s : I don't think I'll be changing to any other group so far.. just hope to hear the good news from Jia that we can get Mr. Akhbar to teach us T7 (he's a good lecturer as what majority of students said) . =)

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今天呢,5只猪就剩我和小猪在班。。哈哈。。。好闷的一天。。。放学了,就和小猪+MARTIN到ROCK去吃午餐。。。哈哈。。。这只小猪真可爱。。。一大堆的“healthy lifestyle”。。。她呢,不吃榴莲,不吃鸭肉,不吃口香糖,不吃很多东西~~很可爱的她弄到MARTIN也要疯了。。。。哈哈哈哈!! 啊!累死了。。。那三只猪还在上课。。。哈哈哈。。。。加油咯~


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Damn Day~~!!! 8th july

2day when i was turnin into ss 13 my car`s radio suddenly went on n off...i din even bother abt it..SUMTHIN happen when i stopped in front of monash`s traffic lights..MY CAR BROKE DOWN~!!!.da worst part car parked at second places at da behind kip honk-ing lik HELL~!! it den makes me even more panic~!!
i tried to start my it failed..i nearly cried...i called my dad to rescure he said:"im in puchong la." zzzz swt...den i spam call hwa siong(di di) n also jeff n jack to help me...thx god hwa siong reaches ther 1st..parked behind my me on da double signal...den he try on my car..WAH~!!GG..he said no other choices bt to jz push my car to a side 1st...n jeff n jack reached..all of them help me to push my car a side..n me n shereen jz oni get to know a GG car is so easy to push-moved~~!!!
when v r all trying to move the car...1 stupid lady who dun even know wats actually goin on..wind down her window n shouted at us : `mau gaduh pergi tepi lar" (lol stu lady..jz shout up n Fuck off la)
It was ady workshop open at dis time..v got no other choices bt to jz wait...while waiting..jeff say sumthing..: let try act pro here by checking it ourslef" hahah...he is so funny...while v all standing n waiting...v saw kenneth driving passed..after parked his car..he den cum n giv me a hand oso...funniset part was..he oso acting pro.."oh dis wan ar...battery water dry d la" hahha...XD
7 of us were standing waiting 4 any of the workshop as ther r so many workshop near sunway college...kenneth said he saw 1 of the workshop opened when he was on his way to n ken call 1 of the foreman ther
OH finally...LORD~!!thx~~!!after the foreman check confirm is battery DIE~!!aftertaking down his hp num..v left the car wif him...v rush for class as it`s veli veli late d..
middle of da class,AH HOT(so called)the foreman msg jeff..jeff said i would probably cried when i c da msg...n YES~!!i gone crazy!!!
kee siao 500plus..i call my dad..n my dad say:"jz get da damn car fix la" afta class me jeff n shereen walk to da workshop n bargin to lower da totally amt..n lastly..RM500 get da stupid alternator n damn battery done~!!! lazy to post abt da pyramid story..any piggy family jz help me continue my late now n i gotta go as tmr thers`s class in da morning...zzzz sienzzz

P/s: REALLY THANKS ALOT to hwa siong jeff jack kenneth hoong kin shereen n nicole...thx u ppl...I LOVE U GUYS SO SO MUCH~!!THX alot for helping~!!

xiu qi

OVER slept!!!

Recently my connection gt prob so didn't online for few days edi....yesterday after pyramid, i slept for 6 hours...den eat my dinner at 12am.....sleep again at 3am and woke up 9am.....after lunch den sleep at 12.30pm until of sleep = 15hours.....woooops!!! haha.....

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各位猪朋好友,兄弟姐妹~哈咯!!!今天轮到本人写部落格咯~本来答应要在6/7写部落格的,可是到了今天才POST ~哈哈。。。不好意思咯~~ o(一︿一+)o .念。。。全部猪都用英文 ˋ(′~‵")ˊ 那我要来点特别的咯~哈哈~. (y▽ ̄) 唉唷唷~



  • ....是豬大姐!!╭(∩∩#)╮哈哈,这位呢,是猪头一号!
  • <(oo,)/豬頭不 是一天造成的!
  • 她呢,是PCCA的最高理事人~~
  • 她呢, 很脆弱の~~
  • 她呢,身体也是弱の~~
  • 她呢,是很胆小の~~
  • 她呢,天天都在亢奋~~
  • ~你别喝那么多了 ~ クゥーッ!!”(*><)o()"


  • 我呢,<(oo,)/ 沒看過豬哥嗎??...
  • <( c)yξ 真煩,來哈根草吧~


  • 天在半睡半醒的状态的猪。。哈哈 ~~~~~~~~~
  • 我在想,如果有一天我和她说“有火星人~ (")/(")/”她可能会回我“在哪里?”
  • 她是很可爱の~
  • 也是最聪明の~


  • 这是一只恋爱猪!!★'..LOVE(-ω-*(-ω-*)LOVE..:
  • 哇咔咔~~~ チュ━━━(*´з)(ε*)━━━!!!
  • 也是很凶の,可是我现在有了代替者了( MR. J )!哈哈
  • 其实她对人都很好,尤其男朋友~哈哈
  • 祝你幸福咯~~



  • 哇!这只猪呢~是最凶得咯!!. (((□′)) ~~~~
  • 有沒有被豬揍過啊? ○(#‵︿′#)○
  • 她呢,动不动就~~~~~~無影腳<( ^)θθ( >_<)
  • 再来~ 無影腳昇級版 <( ^)θθθθθθθθθ( >_<)~!
  • 我呢,#(┬_┬)! 是永远的受害者!!
  • 猪小妹~看拳o(╬ ̄皿 ̄)=○# (#)3) 。。。。哇咔咔!
  • K.O <(o-)=○# (#)3)
  • 其实呢,她也很好,很体贴の~~~~哈哈哈,以上是和你开个玩笑。。。别生气哦!

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