Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Movie Review - Going The Distance


Thanks a lot to Nuffnang for the tickets <3
Went to this premiere screening with Xiu Qi at Midvalley on 26th August .
Had the chance to met up with lots of bloggers on that night .

Genre : Romance, Comedy
Director : Nanette Burstein
Screenwriter : Geoff LaTulippe
Official Website : Going-The-Distance.com
Starring : Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis, Christina Applegate, Jim Gaffigan, Ron Livingston

Plot Details
Erin and Garrett are good together — even when they’re apart. When aspiring journalist Erin moves to San Francisco to finish her last year of school, boyfriend Garrett, an assistant music scout, stays in Manhattan to pursue his ambitions and wait on that promotion he’s been promised. With a webcam connection and frequent flier miles, the two gamely navigate the pitfalls and miscommunications of their bi-coastal romance, dodging bad advice from friends and some predatory singles who won’t take “taken” for an answer. But when it seems their wait is almost over, Erin scores her dream job in California just as Garrett’s career heats up in New York. The big breaks they’ve been hoping for could break them up for good–unless their love can truly go the distance.

Personal Comments
I personally feel the movie was a bit too long . People that are currently having long distance relationship should watch this movie .


Hope you guys enjoy the movie ^^

Love ,
Shereen <3

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movie Review - Vampires Suck


By looking at the title itself , some of you might thought it was a horror movie .
But this is not ! It is more like a comedy that can make some of you laugh through out the movie
Some of the part was quite funny as they try to relate to some of the hottest topics around

Directed by : Jason Friedberg , Aaron Seltzer
Written by : Jason Friedberg (screenplay) , Aaron Seltzer (screenplay)
Cast : Matt Lanter , Chris Riggi , Ken Jeong , Jenn Proske
Genre : Comedy

Plot outline :
A spoof of vampire-themed movies, where teenager Becca finds herself torn between two boys. As she and her friends wrestle with a number of different dramas, everything comes to a head at their prom.


The main male & female character in the movie

The so-called BEP in the movie ^.^
*you will know who are they once you watched the movie*

Personal comments :
Personally , I think the plot of the story is just so-so only . To me , it won't be so worth it if you are planning to pay RM8++ to watch it in the cinema . Just download it online and watch it at home . xDxD Certain parts are funny but most of it was just speechless . As in *zha dou* . Me and Xiu Qi sweat kao kao =.= through out the whole movie .

Rating :

Love lots ,

*thanks to Nuffnang for giving me the tickets <3>

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥ My 19th Birthday Celebration ♥

Date : 16-08-2010 ( Monday )
Time : 7pm
Location : Pappa John , Sunway Pyramid
Organiser : Xiu Qi
Co-organiser : Boon Wei

Okay , sorry for the very late birthday post >.<
Internet was down so can't update blog . I know my blog very dead jor . xDxD
Lets head straight to the point kay ?

Xiu Qi smsed me on Saturday which is on the 14th saying that I must wear red on Mon .
Coz the others are all wearing white .
My reaction goes ' Shit lo ' bcoz I got damn lots of black & white top but red macam ada 1 saja
So on Sunday , we both were very pek chek so we went to shopping .
From Empire Shopping Gallery to Subang Parade and lastly Pyramid .
Purpose is just to get me a new top to surprise everyone on Mon . =.=

Not gonna go into very details of what happened before the dinner .
Basically they just dress me up like wanna marry daughter lidat xDxD

Top : Reen , Xiu Qi , Nicole , Pauline
Bottom : Wee Ying , Sine Yee , Chay Leng , Winnie

Top : Jia Yeen , Boon Wei , Jason Tuang , Eric
Bottom : Hon Leong , Steven , Ching Yih , Hwa Siong

Let the pictures do the talking kay ? ^.^ bet u guys wanna see the pics more than my craps

Leng , Reen , Sine Yee

Reen & Yeen

Reen , Winnie , Wee Ying

Reen , Pauline , Nicole

Steven & Reen

Hon Leong & Reen

Reen & Jason aka Tuangie

Hwa Siong & Reen

Reen , Pauline , Boon Wei , Nicole

Xiu Qi & Wee Ying

Hwa Siong & Xiu Qi

Steven & Xiu Qi

Reen & Nicole

Reen with the couple Jim & Liling

Jim & Reen

Tengok ini act pro punya photographer

Leng , Wee Ying , Sine Yee

Leng , Yeen , Sine Yee

Winnie & Wee Ying

This is the 1st cake they use to sin ka me xDxD

And their first bday wishes card to prank me as well ^^

Second cake as in proper cake . LOL .

Smile ~

All my White Prince ( 白马王子 ) except the 2 not wearing white .
Both of them already taken xDxd

Wee Ying & Eric

Leng & Eric

Winnie & Xiu Qi

Album of wishes from lots of them ~

Perfume from Jonathan
Body Shop Shower Gel from Jim

Passion Fruit & Strawberry

And a Nichii dress from all of them .
And a Jean Perry blanket from ' daddy ' .
And Tiffany earring and necklace set from mummy .
And earring and necklace set from Amanda .
And bracelet from Ching Yih .

Just wanna say THANKS a lot to all who had attended the birthday celebration , those that had wished me and those that gave me birthday present ^^
You guys made my 19th birthday a very memorable one ~
Thanks for spending your precious time with me and hope you guys had a great time ~
Thanks so much to Xiu Qi & Boon Wei for planning the whole thing out .
San fu sai ^^

Love you guys to bits

Love lots ,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Short Update !

Sorry for the lack of updates lately .
And also for not replying c-box .
This is due to my wireless at home sudah sot plug.
WTF rite ? without internet can die . Sobs
Can't face the book so many days xDxD (if u get wad i mean )

By the way , I just received invites to premiere screening of
Vampire Sucks & Going The Distance .
Thanks to Nuffnang !

Stay tuned for my birthday celebration post ~

Shereen <3

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half


I'm single now so I'm like seriously figuring out how to write this post >.<
So this is just based on my own opinion and for my future reference ^^
This blog post will be about what I'm willing to do for my other half .
I do agree that it is very hard to maintain a relationship for a long time .
It requires patience and tolerance from both party .
It doesn't mean that quarrel is not a good thing
because it might be one way of communication too .
Being romantic and receiving surprises everyday can be very nice .
*which human don't like that*
But due to our hectic lifestyle and packed schedule ,
most of the couples don't really have the chance to see each other everyday .

So for my other half in the future , here are few points that I'll do for you .
There are millions of people in the world but my eyes only fall for you .
So lets see , cut away all the craps and lets get into business !

1. I will remember all our important dates together .
Example like our anniversary , birthdays , the day u propose ( xD ) and etc .
I believe that when in the future , when we celebrate on this day ,
it will definitely bring back our sweetest memories .
Memories play an important part in a relationship .
I believe no one wants a relationship that is without any sweet memories right ?
No matter is sweet or bitter memories ,
I believe this little pieces of things will bring us closer and more laughter .

2. I will be there for you only when you needed me .
I know that man and woman is different .
We girls need people's attention and companion when we were facing problems.
But for men , some of them just wanna be alone when they were down .
Because for them , they want to be the perfect guy for you
so he won't choose to show his down side in front of you .
So there will be no point in forcing him to tell out what is his problem .
So baby , when you feel like telling out and needed me to be there ,
I will be there for you with no hesitation .
But when you wanted time to be alone , I will be understanding and gives u time .

3. Every girl also hope that our other half will be there for us all the time .
So do I .
But when time doesn't allowed , I will be patience .
Because I know at that moment if I be demanding and insist want yr company ,
it won't make the situation any better also.
And I definitely don't want both of us to spend time together in a rushing situation .
But at least reserved any days of the week for me kay ? ^^

4. I will only provide you advice and not make any important decision for you if possible .
I believe you have your own opinion and judgements
and it might not be the same with my thinking .
So , i do not hope that we quarrel just because of different thinking and small matters.
My piece of advice you can take it as a reference to help and guide you .
But if you are making the wrong and bad decision , then I might interfere k ? =D

5. I won't force you to dump your 'brothers' and your interest for me .
I know how important it is to have your mates and what you fond .
It is the same actually on the girl's side .
Certain topics you only can share with your sisters and close girl friends .
So are they , they prefer to talk to their buddies on certain matter .
I will try to be friendly and outgoing to mix along with your buddies .

Conclusion is tolerance is very important to secure a relationship .
But every couple has their own ways of communication and
ways of maintaining their sweet sweet love relationship .
So just be yourself and appreciate who your truly love .
As they says , do not regret only when you lose it .

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return and
while differences may widen gaps , LOVE can close them

To love is one thing ,
To be loved is another ,
To be loved bu the one you love is EVERYTHING .

If you love someone and you are forced to let it go , do let it go .
If it is yours , it will definitely come back to you.
If it doesn't come back ,
Then it is not meant to be yours in the first place .

This post is for contest purposes and only based on my opinion .
Cheers !
Love lots ,
~ Shereen ~

*hope nuffnang give me the tickets* xDxD