Friday, September 24, 2010

Watsons VIP Membership Card

Bet lots of you had tonnes of membership card with you already .
Lets see , we have Popular Card , Metrojaya , Jusco , Parkson , Bonuslink , Tesco and etc !
Certain cards have expired date which you need to renew every year & pay renewal fees .
But Watsons ( my favourite personal store for cosmetics & skin care )
had just launched their own VIP Membership Card today .

It doesn't require you to spend an amount above then only you are entitled for their VIP card.
It is as easy as ABC ! Trust me !
The first step (A) - Go to yr nearest Watson store. (dun tell me u cant find any ^^ )
The second step (B) - Asked cashier for the Membership card package .
The third step (C) - Paid RM12 and there you go !

And bare in mind , RM12 is for THE ENTIRE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP !
Damn worth it right ?? Enjoy a lifetime worth of benefits & rewards for just RM12 .
And no worries anymore in case you forgot renew yr card & they CANCEL yr card .
I present to you The Passport to Health , Wellness & Beauty .

So cute right they made it really looks like a passport xDxD

This is how the membership card looks like .
I dunno why is it in yellow . Don't ask me !
Follow the 3E's : Earn , Enjoy , Explore ~
There are lots of benefits and offers waiting for you.

Firstly ,
You get 200 Bonus Points when you activate online .
Every RM1 you spent = 1 point
So 200 points = RM200
So u don't need to spend RM200 and can get points d !

Secondly ,
You get more than RM200 worth of early bird vouchers .
From here you can't see but is actually a stack of vouchers .
From top brand like Maybelline , Loreal , Kose , Eucerin , Nutox , Eau Thermale and lots more!

Thirdly ,
You earn 2x times of points on all Watsons own brand .

Fourthly ,
5x times points when spending at Watsons on your birthday month
(valid for your 1st purchase in that month)

Lastly ,
Exclusive activities, workshops, product launches and product samples.

So , you must be wondering how they calculate the points .
do refer HERE to get further enquiries on this membership card.

So what are you waiting for ?
Hop on yr car , Watsons VIP Membership Card is waiting for you ^^

*this is not for advertorial purposes*

Love lots ,
~ Shereen ~

Sunday, September 19, 2010

holiday ended~!

It has been such a long time since my last post . Is not because got nothing to post about.. just that imma toooOOO lazy... >.<
and here comes an emo post after sucha long time..

recently i`ve been damn fking tulan..moodless .. emo .. just dunno y emo- ness love me alot..keep troubling me T.T

experienced ..a lost of friend... betrayed.. friend is using friends around them.. haiz.. seeing things happened around me.. imma turn speechless..

so lonely n so helpless..the feelings which i still couldnt find words could describe me.. T.T

people around me always see me as cheerful . happy go lucky girl... tough enough to handle all kinds of shit myself... (just because im tall like giant?cool enough? and watsoever la )

for once , i really thought i am.. but as years n years goes by.. more n more things happened.. only i realised im not .. (i may look fine and cool and tough from outside )

im just an extraordinary girl who also hoping for somebody to cry on .. lead .. and giv me a hand wherever n whenever i needs .. it seems n sounds pretty simple n easy yet is soooo hard for me to get the somebody .. T.T

for sometimes ..i hate myself for being nice.. 是我苯还是我很好利用??
treating people with truthful n faithful hearted... but ended up in heart ache n heart broken?

也见过 我的崩塌。。。



想说的话 找不到人说。。


Saturday, September 18, 2010




爱得太真 太容易 让自己牺牲
太容易 不顾一切 满是伤痕
我太笨 明知道你是

可能 在爱里面这样算笨
可能 永远没有所谓永恒
但是我 不愿放弃这里面一点点可能

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


啊 人是那么多
你是那么真 啊 你是那么好
不再一个人 啊 心事有人听
和你说着心 啊 海边迎着风



~ 希望你看得见 ~
* Shereen *

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Before and After

Friends that know me for quite some time or if u observe me properly xD ,
you will realize that most of the time I wear dangling long earrings .
Since I pierce my earring hole during like er form 3 if I'm not mistaken ,
( I know u guys pierce it way way earlier than me la ) ^.^ ,
I barely wear those round round small earring anymore ~
And when we grew older , when saw earrings nie ,
me & Xiu Qi will go like ' I wannnaa buyyy '
So basically I go college everyday with a different pair of earrings .

When the earrings bought getting more and more ,
I dunnnoo where to hang it anymore .
So sometimes I just left it on the wardrobe . RAWR !
Then when the queen in my house saw its all over ,
she can't take it anymore i guess . haha .
So she did this for me which is simple and cheap cheap cheap f-ing cheap ~

Ingredient : a square box or rectangular box or any box larrrr.... ^^

Then you just hang it at the sides of the box as you can see on the image above .
So when I came back from college , it is so easy that you just hang it there .
Of coz inside of the box u can keep all yr stuff .
For me I put all my cleanser , toner and etc all inside .

When time passed , I also continue bought more earrings . LOL
So , my dearest cousin sister bought this from Thailand for me .
I think this is available in Msia also but how much is it then I'm not sure >.<

Tadaaa ~~~!!!!
More organized right ?
Told ya I barely have any small earrings xDxD
But earrings too long so they tend to cover the next rows hole oso =.=

Current mood :
Sickkkk ~~~~ T.T


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kindori , Sunway Pyramid

Naughty Xiu Qi tempted me to go have ice cream at Kindori when I'm having mild sore throat
She so bad right ? xDxD
Who can resist the temptation you telll me ??? so I ended up follow >.<
Kindori is near to The Face Shop and is located below Asian Avenue if I'm not mistaken.
Definitely can't miss the shop due to their big and sakura kind of signboard ^^

okayy , that one is sakura or snowflakes i dunnno larr...
figure out yourself ^^

their wide range of fruits from local fruits to fruits that sit A380 to M'sia de xDxD
For local they have like nangka and cempedak ? shud be not bad right for the taste ? ^^
Oversea fruits will be like rockmelon , grapes , raspberry , blueberry & etc .

Xiu Qi's selection for the day : Black sesame
mild taste , suitable for those that doesn't like strong flavour kind of ice cream

My selection highly recommended by Xiu Qi : Chocolate Banana
you can realllyyy taste the BANANA taste...LOL
but this combination the taste quite strong ~~~

~~ Yum Yum Kindori ~~

Bought long earrings again to added to my collection ^.^

I'm currently soon to fall sick jor >.<
now sore throat , flu and cough jor T.T

Take care guys ~~~
Don't fall sick oh !
Love ,