Monday, October 11, 2010

I knew I love you

告诉你 瞒着你 只不过是个决定

Telling you, Hiding from you, are just different decisions

放弃你 忘记你 只怕我无法前进

Giving you up, Forgetting you, will only frightened me not to move forward


I don't know why I am so worried about you out of nothing

我越了解你 越靠近你 越犹豫

The more I understand you, the closer I get to you, the more I hesitate.

明知道我爱你 却不敢告诉你

I know that I love you, but I don't have the courage to tell you

我害怕失去你 宁愿沉默不语

I am afraid of losing you, so I rather not say anything

该如何整理 幸福在手里

How do I settle this, happiness that is in my hands.

我恨自己 无能为力

I hate myself, for being so helpless

明知道我爱你 却不敢靠近你

I know that I love you , but I don't dare to get close to you
我假装不在意 反而痛了自己

I pretend I don't care but I hurt myself eventually
多痛都可以 不能没有你

How hurtful also I can bare , But I can't lose you

Just wanna love you forever ever

Whether you know or don't know , it doesn't matter to me

~ Shereen ~

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