Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amazing people's brain

Sorry for the lack of update lately .
Here's a post that really amazed me a lot .
Check this out !

I believe most of you out there had been to Pizza Hut before .
( at least once la ok ? ) ^^
Then , you all should know that Pizza Hut has their salad bar section at one corner .
The 1 rule is you only allowed to take ONCE from the salad bar .
There's no such thing as refill or what shit .
Ok , since they said we only can take ONCE
but they didn't set the limit of how much we can take each time .
Here are some amazing ideas !
Scroll down ~~~

As usual , we only try to put as much as possible onto our plate
Here's another idea to get more out of it !

Firstly , do your first layer of base using carrots bcoz they are more solid .
You don't want it to crash half way right ? ^^

Side view of the most bottom layer

Second layer will be using the pineapple form into a round shape .
Then in the middle empty hole you can put in beans , peas and corns .

Second layer done ! with the middle hole filled up with salad

Use pineapple to fill up the outer ring so that the base will be more secure

Stack up some peaches in the middle , leaving the outer ring empty

Arrange cucumber slices on the outer ring to fill up the whole layer

Then pour some chick peas or whatever peas in the middle to fill up those small holes

Stack pineapple cubes above the cucumber slices

Then put more peach cubes in the middle

Sprinkle some raisins in the middle .
Add your choice of sauce around the middle ring .

Add cucumber slices around the outer ring again

Lastly , add on pineapple cubes above the cucumber sliced again .
And there you go . TADAA !!

1 salad that can be divided into 10 plates .
If you think that's the only design , check this out !

Pagoda style 1

Pagoda style 2 with pineapple

Pagoda style 3 with snow

I believe no one had try this in Malaysia yet . ( I'm not sure )
But this idea had been used before in China .
Check properly before u really wanna try this out okay ? hahaha

Love ,
Shereen <3

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