Thursday, November 19, 2009

Krispy Kreme ~

At last , I tried out Krispy Kreme's doughnut today .
I been craving for it since the day it opened its branch at Pyramid.
Overall , its nice because the doughnut itself is not too soft.
My personal opinion for B!g Appl3's doughnut is the doughnut itself is too soft.
So , after u eat one doughnut , u still feel like u didn't ate anything.
I guess that's how they make money because u will tend to buy more. lol
Krispy Kreme's doughnut is filling and they are very generous with the toppings.

look at those toppings especially the Hershey's chocolate
yum yum ^^

Kay , time to off
need to spam books d

p/s : wont be updating so often due to finals coming up in bout 2 weeks

Love ,

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