Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fila ~

Woke up at 9am then headed to Jusco again . hahaha.
Saw CK Free doing promotion in a special booth.
Went over and help my boss to check out the price
Super sot go ask ask but didnt buy .
But then nvm la , the promoter quite cute . ( sampat me ) lol
I bought a shirt for myself and my brother ^^

Bought this because I like the mix of colours ^^

My brother's 1st red shirt from ME

Y am I always buying for people their 1st red shirt ?
First is my boss , now my bro , wonder who will be the next ? ^^
Exams are just few days away !!! sobs sobs
How How How ????
Haihz.... Sigh.....Speechless....
I miss u a lot and will be missing u more for the coming days n weeks
Signing off ,

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