Friday, May 28, 2010

Heart to Heart talk ~~

Went to Jusco around 10.30am with beloved mummy to bought some stuff and groceries .
She always tag me along because she say shopping alone at Jusco
look so stupid and so lonely . lol
Had lunch at Lavender and bought a cordless phone at Harvey Norman .
I'm so gonna start to cook porridge soon ! ( cook porridge translate to cantonese ) xDxD

Met up with Xiu Qi dear for second round of yum cha session .
Went around Bukit Tinggi to find some shop selling ABC.
Both of us had been craving for ABC since last week . haha
We both ended up at Munch Cafe .
As usual , gossips and heart-to-heart talk session started .

Vanilla Ice Blended with some dunno wad jelly for ME

Extra chocolate sauce on top ^^

Chocolate Ice Blended with the dunno wad jelly for Xiu Qi

Both our drinks . same type just different flavour .
Sisters wad so order same same ^^

After we almost finish our drinks , the waiter brought another 2 drinks to our table .
It seems they are testing out new drinks for their menu .
We both also syok syok drink but it tasted a little bit too sour >.<
Is some 7-Up plus red apple vinegar .
7-up taste too strong and cover up all the apple smell .
Overall , still not bad and thanks to them for the F.O.C drinks ~

Red Apple 7-up

We chit chat for about 2 and a half hours . xDxD
Oh ya , we won't be updating so often due to finals coming up .
Finals coming up in 1 week and I'm so dead .
Pray for me guys !!! and remember to continue visit our blog k ? hahaha

Love Lots from us ~~~


  1. ohhh... mommy's girl :p
    happy porridge cooking to u!
    dun cook until ur ears burned oh! :p

    The CleverMunkey

  2. @henry : u wan i ma cook wif u lo.. hahahaha...n wad mummy's gal... mmg good gal de.. ^^

    @blabberina : u stay in bukit tinggi too ? XD