Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

I guess lots of us have been waiting anxiously for this movie to be screen on Malaysia's theaters .
After weeks and days of waiting , Nuffnang Malaysia now gives u the chance to watch it in on the big screen before it's released date !
Toys are like the best memories for all of us during our childhood .
From Power Rangers , Pokemon to Transformers for the BOYS .
And not forgetting , Barbie Doll for the GIRLS .
With advanced technology , kids nowadays get the chance to watch animated cartoons on the big screen .
Without exception , I'm one of them too ! ^^
Toy Story 1 & Toy Story 2 leaves goods impression on all of us and leaves us talking non stop about it .
So , there is no way of me letting go the chance of watching Toy Story 3 right ? =)

There will be lots of new characters in this movie !
So after scrolling all , I had already picked out my favourites !

Firstly ,

I guess you guys know the reason I choose STRETCH !
It's because I LOVE PURPLE !
He looks so squishy and cheerful !

Secondly ,

OMG !! He's super adorable !!!
look at his hair so fluffy and the body shape so so cute ^^
more like a bear with a lion's mane ? O.o

Lastly ,

The Chatter Telephone
Humans and animals characters are very common in the movie
So it would be nice to see how items move around and communicate in the movie

This is my first time blogging about a premiere screening ~
So , hope my friends and I get the tickets and lets go together !

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  1. i entered this too..hopefully we win!
    but i already win 10 tickets from another contest