Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gimme Food on Flights

With low air fare charges nowadays and not forgetting lots of promotions , I believe almost everyone can afford to travel to their desired place by air .

Travelling by air nowadays is very convenient and comfortable . Even though you need to sit on the flight for more than 24 hours to country like England n Europe , but you can have fun too on the flight !

You can choose from a wide selection of foods n beverages , entertainment provided and even can do shopping !

Talking about food and beverages airlines provided , most people will thought of instant noodles , sandwiches and light snacks. But with MAS , from local cuisines to international main course are all on the menu .

I had not really travel long distanced before but travelling with an empty and hungry stomach is definitely not advisable. So I would like to recommend to put SUSHI in the menu list as well .

Sushi is made from rice which definitely going to be filling and not forgetting it will be healthy as it is not deep fried and ingredients used is usually seafood and vegetables .

Another advantages will be sushi doesn’t need to be heated up first before consuming so it will definitely be convenient to serve when travelling by air .

There are lots of types of sushi to suit different types of customer . If you are seafood allerged , then you can opt for the vegetable sushi too .

Hope to see sushi on the menu list !

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Never go hungry while flying with MAS!

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