Friday, June 18, 2010

Shopping Spree ~~~

Went to Aeon Bukit Tinggi with beloved mummy today .
Dearest mummy bought me a purse from Roxy !
Dunno why she today in a good mood . XD
She summor suggest me to buy in Roxy O.o

~ Tadaaa ~
Comments ? ^.^

Headed over to Watson to get some cleanser too .
Bought this cleanser lotion from Japan .
They sold more than 1 million bottles from August 2007 to August 2008.
It is cleansing + make up remover .
Remove make up effectively ! very effective ! better than my oil based eye make up remover !
I leave the cotton pad soaked on my eyelid to removie eyeliner and waterproof mascare for about 3 seconds.
Then with just gentle wiping , all the make up came out effectively !
After removing all the make up , you just had to soaked another cotton pad with the lotion .
Wipe yr entire face with it and check any traces of dirt .
If don't have then it is done !
You don't need to wash it off . No need to step inside toilet also can wash face ! Love it ^^

This is the cleansing lotion !

Sorry for the lack of updates for the last two weeks .
Was busy preparing for exam !

Stay tuned ~
Shereen ~

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