Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why Vampires Suck?


By just looking at the poster above , it is so unfair right ?
Either the male or female vampire in most movie also look quite handsome n quite hot !
If you had watched Twilight and Jennifer's Body , you will be totally agree with me !
Check this out ~

Vampires suck human's blood and kills also can become so handsome and hot .
By just looking at Edward Cullen and Megan Fox , they are more like the modern vampire.
Olden days vampire where got look so good looking ?
So , VAMPIRE SUCKS with this point !

Secondly , vampires love to suck human's blood as they needed the blood to survive .
In most of the movie , girls will be the victims .
Most of the girls including me myself are a bit lack of blood in our body system .
The correct term will be anaemia which is lack of red blood cells .
We ourselves is busy taking iron tables and supplements to increase our red blood cells .
And vampires will just nicely having fun sucking people's blood .
So , VAMPIRE SUCKS again with this point !

If you agree with me , so you will definitely be in love with this new movie !
Check out the trailer below !

This post is based on my own creativity and sorry if it offence anyone for u .
This post is for Nuffnang contest purpose only .


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  1. totally agreed with u..vampire is suck..haha..n wish all the best n gud luck in this contest =)