Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What Distance I’d Go for My Other Half


I'm single now so I'm like seriously figuring out how to write this post >.<
So this is just based on my own opinion and for my future reference ^^
This blog post will be about what I'm willing to do for my other half .
I do agree that it is very hard to maintain a relationship for a long time .
It requires patience and tolerance from both party .
It doesn't mean that quarrel is not a good thing
because it might be one way of communication too .
Being romantic and receiving surprises everyday can be very nice .
*which human don't like that*
But due to our hectic lifestyle and packed schedule ,
most of the couples don't really have the chance to see each other everyday .

So for my other half in the future , here are few points that I'll do for you .
There are millions of people in the world but my eyes only fall for you .
So lets see , cut away all the craps and lets get into business !

1. I will remember all our important dates together .
Example like our anniversary , birthdays , the day u propose ( xD ) and etc .
I believe that when in the future , when we celebrate on this day ,
it will definitely bring back our sweetest memories .
Memories play an important part in a relationship .
I believe no one wants a relationship that is without any sweet memories right ?
No matter is sweet or bitter memories ,
I believe this little pieces of things will bring us closer and more laughter .

2. I will be there for you only when you needed me .
I know that man and woman is different .
We girls need people's attention and companion when we were facing problems.
But for men , some of them just wanna be alone when they were down .
Because for them , they want to be the perfect guy for you
so he won't choose to show his down side in front of you .
So there will be no point in forcing him to tell out what is his problem .
So baby , when you feel like telling out and needed me to be there ,
I will be there for you with no hesitation .
But when you wanted time to be alone , I will be understanding and gives u time .

3. Every girl also hope that our other half will be there for us all the time .
So do I .
But when time doesn't allowed , I will be patience .
Because I know at that moment if I be demanding and insist want yr company ,
it won't make the situation any better also.
And I definitely don't want both of us to spend time together in a rushing situation .
But at least reserved any days of the week for me kay ? ^^

4. I will only provide you advice and not make any important decision for you if possible .
I believe you have your own opinion and judgements
and it might not be the same with my thinking .
So , i do not hope that we quarrel just because of different thinking and small matters.
My piece of advice you can take it as a reference to help and guide you .
But if you are making the wrong and bad decision , then I might interfere k ? =D

5. I won't force you to dump your 'brothers' and your interest for me .
I know how important it is to have your mates and what you fond .
It is the same actually on the girl's side .
Certain topics you only can share with your sisters and close girl friends .
So are they , they prefer to talk to their buddies on certain matter .
I will try to be friendly and outgoing to mix along with your buddies .

Conclusion is tolerance is very important to secure a relationship .
But every couple has their own ways of communication and
ways of maintaining their sweet sweet love relationship .
So just be yourself and appreciate who your truly love .
As they says , do not regret only when you lose it .

True love begins when nothing is looked for in return and
while differences may widen gaps , LOVE can close them

To love is one thing ,
To be loved is another ,
To be loved bu the one you love is EVERYTHING .

If you love someone and you are forced to let it go , do let it go .
If it is yours , it will definitely come back to you.
If it doesn't come back ,
Then it is not meant to be yours in the first place .

This post is for contest purposes and only based on my opinion .
Cheers !
Love lots ,
~ Shereen ~

*hope nuffnang give me the tickets* xDxD


  1. sounds so Pro O.o sure win btw. lol

  2. Jayleo : if i dun win how ? u say wan
    henry : apa wei da ?? yr wife or gf next time confirm more wei da... ^^

  3. if din win i pay for u n xiu qi for d movie ! >< if u win, u 2 pay me back =P

  4. wah.. so nice ar?? Nonit win also got ppl spend go movie... I also wan!! lolx

  5. coz she's surely gonna win with that post ><