Wednesday, August 25, 2010

♥ My 19th Birthday Celebration ♥

Date : 16-08-2010 ( Monday )
Time : 7pm
Location : Pappa John , Sunway Pyramid
Organiser : Xiu Qi
Co-organiser : Boon Wei

Okay , sorry for the very late birthday post >.<
Internet was down so can't update blog . I know my blog very dead jor . xDxD
Lets head straight to the point kay ?

Xiu Qi smsed me on Saturday which is on the 14th saying that I must wear red on Mon .
Coz the others are all wearing white .
My reaction goes ' Shit lo ' bcoz I got damn lots of black & white top but red macam ada 1 saja
So on Sunday , we both were very pek chek so we went to shopping .
From Empire Shopping Gallery to Subang Parade and lastly Pyramid .
Purpose is just to get me a new top to surprise everyone on Mon . =.=

Not gonna go into very details of what happened before the dinner .
Basically they just dress me up like wanna marry daughter lidat xDxD

Top : Reen , Xiu Qi , Nicole , Pauline
Bottom : Wee Ying , Sine Yee , Chay Leng , Winnie

Top : Jia Yeen , Boon Wei , Jason Tuang , Eric
Bottom : Hon Leong , Steven , Ching Yih , Hwa Siong

Let the pictures do the talking kay ? ^.^ bet u guys wanna see the pics more than my craps

Leng , Reen , Sine Yee

Reen & Yeen

Reen , Winnie , Wee Ying

Reen , Pauline , Nicole

Steven & Reen

Hon Leong & Reen

Reen & Jason aka Tuangie

Hwa Siong & Reen

Reen , Pauline , Boon Wei , Nicole

Xiu Qi & Wee Ying

Hwa Siong & Xiu Qi

Steven & Xiu Qi

Reen & Nicole

Reen with the couple Jim & Liling

Jim & Reen

Tengok ini act pro punya photographer

Leng , Wee Ying , Sine Yee

Leng , Yeen , Sine Yee

Winnie & Wee Ying

This is the 1st cake they use to sin ka me xDxD

And their first bday wishes card to prank me as well ^^

Second cake as in proper cake . LOL .

Smile ~

All my White Prince ( 白马王子 ) except the 2 not wearing white .
Both of them already taken xDxd

Wee Ying & Eric

Leng & Eric

Winnie & Xiu Qi

Album of wishes from lots of them ~

Perfume from Jonathan
Body Shop Shower Gel from Jim

Passion Fruit & Strawberry

And a Nichii dress from all of them .
And a Jean Perry blanket from ' daddy ' .
And Tiffany earring and necklace set from mummy .
And earring and necklace set from Amanda .
And bracelet from Ching Yih .

Just wanna say THANKS a lot to all who had attended the birthday celebration , those that had wished me and those that gave me birthday present ^^
You guys made my 19th birthday a very memorable one ~
Thanks for spending your precious time with me and hope you guys had a great time ~
Thanks so much to Xiu Qi & Boon Wei for planning the whole thing out .
San fu sai ^^

Love you guys to bits

Love lots ,

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