Friday, September 11, 2009

Beauty Tips 1 : Eyebags

Just wanna share wif u guys some of the beauty tips that i know . ^^

Eyesbags and Dark circles

Reason : It happens due to
  • lack of sleep or excessive tiredness
  • lack of nutrients in daily diet
  • dehydration
  • stress

Tips :
  • Use any cool teabags example like green teabags or even normal english teabags . Teabags has been known to possess certain nutrients that are good for tired eyes. So just refrigerate the teabags and put it around yr eyebags .
  • Get enough sleep everyday . I bet this is not the first time u know bout this rite ? ^^
  • Drink enough water !! This is so common yet not everyone does it even myself XD
I'm now doing the eyebag treatment at home bcoz I know the another 2 ways looks easy but hard to practice it . lol . I find teabags is good bcoz one thing it is natural and not adding any chemicals . Try to use teabags and avoid using powder form bcoz it will become messy.

Another easy way to prevent yr purse from bleeding and reduces eyebags & dark circles . XD

Love ,
SheR3eN <3

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