Saturday, September 12, 2009


woke up around 7.15am by bro , mana tau is kena panggil pergi exercise
no choice lo , get my sport shoes and headed to Butterfly Park .
* i think i hardly burn any calories by just jogging 2 big rounds *

After exercise , went to Old Town for breakfast .

Bout 12pm , Xiu Qi came over and treat h
er Ferrero Rocher . It's her fav ^^
She help me wif my eyelashes and we headed to college to meet up wif fren.

Our fren drove us to Tropicana City and all the way I busy explore his car nie .
Not bad la , for a guy's car quite clean . ^^
Suddenly this convo pop up .

S : eh u are the only child arh ?

B : nola , got 1 sister
S : oh oh .. tot u r the only one..
B : and oso 1 didi

S : huh ? tot u say sister oni ?
B : * look down at his pants *
S & X : wth la . swt . sampat la u . eh wait wait , today not didi la . is meimei la
* meimei coz he goin out wif 2 gals so he sa
y he half gal today. so not counted as didi. XD

3 of us end up laughing like mad in the car over this short convo .
First time go to Tropicana so bit lost . At l
ast found GSC n bought our tickets . We watch :


u ask me scary anot ? to me kinda la . lol. I know I chicken la. XD
Our fren and me keep on whispering thru out the movie . Whole cinema our voice. lol
Popcorn not so nice coz masuk angin d . T.T

And by the way , we walk around Tropicana to scan all the shops before the movie starts
Then we pass by one of those adult shops . haha . those shops that sell condoms and adult stuff
18 above stuff . Guess whats the first thing that came into our mind ?

* We must bring Jason to this shop . He will be so excited !! * XD

Overall , today was a fun day even though is only few of us . Thx to my 2 sisters . ^^
Xiu Qi dear comin my house tmr to make my house go upside down . XD . jkg la
We are suppose to finish 1 big project but i doubt we will finish .
U know la .. when u put me and her together .. haha...

Boon , Reen , Qi

Reen & XQ

Love ,

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