Sunday, September 20, 2009

Flash Back !

Still rmb we used to make noise so that our parents will bring us to playground ?
Had u ever wondered when was the last time u visit the playground ?

Xiu Qi & Reen ( im crazy ) lol

Xiu Qi arh , haven pose finish ? XD

Flashing back old memories

Nic insist wan the shot taken from behind . lol

Xiu Qi

Xiu Qi & Reen

Xiu Qi & Pauline

Xiu Qi & Pauline shot 2 ^^

4 of us were at some Subang Jaya playground . So we end up sat on the swing and sing along the whole time . Ppl that passed us tot we are crazy . 4 gals sitting swing middle in the afternoon . But we really enjoyed it a lot . We laughed the way through even though is burning hot .

So when are u gonna head to the playground again ? ^^

wish u could hav pay more attention on me

Love ,

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