Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Times Square Outing

Went to Times Square for a 3day 2nights stay wif my aunties and cousins .
Just a simple gathering to have fun and berbonding . ^^
let the pics do the talking k ? I'm not good wif words. XD

The view of our room . Comfy ^^

Dunno is my problem or wad . I will check the toilet first when i go in hotel room.
Ok , this looks very clean . Passed ! XD

The view from my room ^^

Nice view rite ? XD

Night view from Jalan Alor. very very crowded. zzz

Sorry guys not much pictures coz I busy playing . Hang out at Cosmo Theme Park .
Sat roller coaster twice and some other rides . now arm aching . T.T
Times Square like got nothing to shop de. For me la. haha .

Today went back to college d . Sad . Raya hols so short .
Went to Jusco to be ah so . XD . to shop for some food for the migrant kids .
Me , Xiu Qi and Nic rly like ah so d this few weeks .
Three of us 包山, 包海, 包跳海 . ( oni hokkien ppl understand ) haha

Will update blog when I'm free . XD

i miss u badly

Love ,

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