Saturday, January 2, 2010

Penang Day 1

Woke up around 6am and went to Klang KTM station .
Meet up Boon Wei at Subang Jaya ktm and head to KL KTM .
Once everyone reached , we took the Plusliner Bus to Penang at 10am.
We reached Penang about 3pm then took taxi to our hotel at a rate of RM30 .
I guess this is what you pay for being a tourist even though you are local tourist .
Thanks to Hon Leong and his uncle for being so kind to lend us
Avanza for us to drive around.
If not , we need to rent a car which is costly and need 21
years old to rent .
We are too YOUNG to rent it . ^^

First thing we plan to do was to find food to eat since everyone were hungry already ,
With Boon Siew acting like a walking GPS (damn pro) , we went to Air Itam .
Guess everybody know about the popular Assam Laksa over there .
It was still so crowded even though is after lunch time and is
a Monday .
Some of us order Assam Laksa and some ordered Prawn
Mee instead .
I'm not really into Assam Laksa but cant deny that the gravy is tasty .
Everyone's too busy with our food so we forgot to take pic of the Laksa .

Prawn Mee - one of the must try food in Penang

Longan water acting as cooler

Shereen , Joo Vee , Boon Siew and Ching Yoon

Boon Wei , Jason , Hon Leong and Munn Sing

After a hot sweating session , we went over to the opposite shops for some desserts .
Went into a bakery and saw different types of Gelato .

Malaga and Kahlua flavour

Bailey and Chocolate flavour

(clockwise from left )
Boon Siew , Joo Vee , Boon Wei , Shereen , Munn Sing , Jason , Ching Yoon

At night , we went to New Lane Road for some hawker stall food .
Each of us order different food to share out .

Loh bak ( not bad )

Fried Koay Teow ( average )

Satay ( so so only )

Oyster Omelette

Chicken Wings ( so black ) =.=

within 10 mins ^^

( from left to right )
Jason , Hon Leong , Joo Vee , Ching Yoon , Boon Siew , Munn Sing , Shereen

Dunno who went and took this picture
Boss & Me

After eating lots of food , we decided to go for walking at Batu Ferringi .
There had many stalls over there and dvd is very very cheap.
RM 4 per cd but quality then I'm not so sure la.
We didn't managed to take any pics due to crowded people .
After that , we went back to hotel and dunno who suggested to go to Gurney Drive .
So we thought was nearby and we started walking from the hotel .
It is freaking far and took us bout 20 or 25 mins to reach . lol

View of Gurney Drive

Ikan Bakar

We ate other stuff like Mua Chi , Apom , Bubble Tea , Rojak and stuff .
All those are like for supper ??
Went back to hotel after that and rest .

Stay tuned for Day 2 of Penang Trip .

Love ,

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