Sunday, January 3, 2010

Penang Day 2

Day 2 in Penang was followed up with lots of food again .
I barely slept the night before thanks to dunno which smart ass that went and
put fan speed 5 and aircond temperature 16 degree . lol
Woke up get dressed and went out again .
This time , we went to Dato Keramat for popular Fried Koay Teow
according to Hon Leong.
It is slightly expensive but the taste was nice .

Name of the stall

Dream on if you think they give u so many prawns .
This is Boon Wei's portion . ^^

After breakfast , we decided to go Kek Lok Si temple to walk walk and to burn fats .
Stairs after stairs , pictures after pictures and someone who keep on
spying on leng lui . ^^

This picture is specially for Hon Leong .

The sun is freaking hot okay ? zzzz
yet everyone so semangat . ^^

Love this picture so much

This is where we went .

Another semangated people taking picture

We can just take picture at any corner of the temple ^^

View from dunno which floor of the temple

After Kek Lok Si , everyone is like so tired and thirsty .
So we went to Komtar Walk to have cendol .


dunno what is this . lol

After cendol , we went to Hon Leong's grandparents house to continue eating .
This time , we had prawn mee . It is superb nice and his grandparents is so friendly .
Everyone's busy eating again so only few shots was taken .
Jason had two bowls of prawn mee and 1 bowl of tong sui .

Group picture at Hon Leong's grandparents house

At night , we went to Queensbay mall bcoz
it seems there all the Penang leng luis are there .
But we din rly saw any and the whole mall is like so so empty .
worse than pyramid . zzz

Group picture again ^^

After Queensbay mall , we join Munn Sing's family for dinner .
His parents were so kind to treat us dinner .
We went to the restaurant where they serve all the food during the filming for The Little Nyonya

This shop serves the best nyonya food

Jeu Hoo Char

Fried Chicken

Pai Tee

Spring Roll

Curry Capitan Chicken

Stir fry mixed vegetables

Sapu habis . lol.

Group picture 1

Group picture 2

Group picture 3

Group picture 4

Munn Sing's family
Thanks so much to them for the fanstantic dinner

After the dinner , we were too tired .
So we went back hotel and rest .
Sleeping time ^^

Love ,

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