Sunday, September 19, 2010

holiday ended~!

It has been such a long time since my last post . Is not because got nothing to post about.. just that imma toooOOO lazy... >.<
and here comes an emo post after sucha long time..

recently i`ve been damn fking tulan..moodless .. emo .. just dunno y emo- ness love me alot..keep troubling me T.T

experienced ..a lost of friend... betrayed.. friend is using friends around them.. haiz.. seeing things happened around me.. imma turn speechless..

so lonely n so helpless..the feelings which i still couldnt find words could describe me.. T.T

people around me always see me as cheerful . happy go lucky girl... tough enough to handle all kinds of shit myself... (just because im tall like giant?cool enough? and watsoever la )

for once , i really thought i am.. but as years n years goes by.. more n more things happened.. only i realised im not .. (i may look fine and cool and tough from outside )

im just an extraordinary girl who also hoping for somebody to cry on .. lead .. and giv me a hand wherever n whenever i needs .. it seems n sounds pretty simple n easy yet is soooo hard for me to get the somebody .. T.T

for sometimes ..i hate myself for being nice.. 是我苯还是我很好利用??
treating people with truthful n faithful hearted... but ended up in heart ache n heart broken?

也见过 我的崩塌。。。



想说的话 找不到人说。。


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