Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kindori , Sunway Pyramid

Naughty Xiu Qi tempted me to go have ice cream at Kindori when I'm having mild sore throat
She so bad right ? xDxD
Who can resist the temptation you telll me ??? so I ended up follow >.<
Kindori is near to The Face Shop and is located below Asian Avenue if I'm not mistaken.
Definitely can't miss the shop due to their big and sakura kind of signboard ^^

okayy , that one is sakura or snowflakes i dunnno larr...
figure out yourself ^^

their wide range of fruits from local fruits to fruits that sit A380 to M'sia de xDxD
For local they have like nangka and cempedak ? shud be not bad right for the taste ? ^^
Oversea fruits will be like rockmelon , grapes , raspberry , blueberry & etc .

Xiu Qi's selection for the day : Black sesame
mild taste , suitable for those that doesn't like strong flavour kind of ice cream

My selection highly recommended by Xiu Qi : Chocolate Banana
you can realllyyy taste the BANANA taste...LOL
but this combination the taste quite strong ~~~

~~ Yum Yum Kindori ~~

Bought long earrings again to added to my collection ^.^

I'm currently soon to fall sick jor >.<
now sore throat , flu and cough jor T.T

Take care guys ~~~
Don't fall sick oh !
Love ,

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