Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Before and After

Friends that know me for quite some time or if u observe me properly xD ,
you will realize that most of the time I wear dangling long earrings .
Since I pierce my earring hole during like er form 3 if I'm not mistaken ,
( I know u guys pierce it way way earlier than me la ) ^.^ ,
I barely wear those round round small earring anymore ~
And when we grew older , when saw earrings nie ,
me & Xiu Qi will go like ' I wannnaa buyyy '
So basically I go college everyday with a different pair of earrings .

When the earrings bought getting more and more ,
I dunnnoo where to hang it anymore .
So sometimes I just left it on the wardrobe . RAWR !
Then when the queen in my house saw its all over ,
she can't take it anymore i guess . haha .
So she did this for me which is simple and cheap cheap cheap f-ing cheap ~

Ingredient : a square box or rectangular box or any box larrrr.... ^^

Then you just hang it at the sides of the box as you can see on the image above .
So when I came back from college , it is so easy that you just hang it there .
Of coz inside of the box u can keep all yr stuff .
For me I put all my cleanser , toner and etc all inside .

When time passed , I also continue bought more earrings . LOL
So , my dearest cousin sister bought this from Thailand for me .
I think this is available in Msia also but how much is it then I'm not sure >.<

Tadaaa ~~~!!!!
More organized right ?
Told ya I barely have any small earrings xDxD
But earrings too long so they tend to cover the next rows hole oso =.=

Current mood :
Sickkkk ~~~~ T.T


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  1. woahhh... yeah more organized... get well soon mui mui! :D