Saturday, February 13, 2010

Dearest Xiu Qi's 21st

~ XIU QI ~

You are finally legal d !!
Officially 21 years old now and I know you hope you will be forever 21 . ^^
I had already wrote all my wish
es for u in the card.
So here is some sho
rt wishes la kay ?
All the best and good luck in
the future .
I believe there is nothing that yo
u can't solved .
Hope you will find your tru
e love soon o ^^
All the best and jiji a bit in ACCA
life . haha

Here is some pictures of both of us from last year till now . =)

March 2009 - Sunway Pyramid

April 2009 - SUB outlet in Pyramid

June 2009 - Genting Highland

August 2009 - My birthday celebration at Yuen

September 2009 - movie at Tropicana City

October 2009 - At Delicious for Boon's birthday

December 2009 - Blook Boutique at Aeon Bukit Tinggi

January 2010 - Look Out Point

February 2010 - Yr Birthday celebration

Dear Xiu Qi aka best sister ,
Thanks for always being there for me when I'm down and sad .
Thanks for giving me advice and solution when I faced problems .
Thanks for being understanding and tolerable with my ciao heng attitude at times .
Thanks for sharing your happiness and joy with me .
Thanks for being the best sister in the world .
I don't have a sister at home but you rly took care of me like my own sister .
You take care of me , nag at me , tolerate me , talk with me , crap with me , and etc .
Sorry for being childish and immature at times .
Sorry for cant understand your situation at times .
Sorry sometimes I caused you trouble .
Lastly , just wanna express my deeply appreciation for knowing you & be yr sister .
Hope you like the present we gave u for yr birthday .
Our memories will be forever engraved in my heart .

Love lots from sis , Shereen

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