Friday, February 12, 2010

Once you said 'Hold my hand, walk with me, be my special partner',
You have to start learning to say 'Let me go, leave me alone, let's just break up'.

When you say 'Stay with me, I need you',
You gotta know how to say 'Stay away from me, I don't need you anymore'.

If you can say 'I love you',
You must know how to say 'I hate you'.

Kiss a thousand times,
And slap a thousand times.

Let us laugh for the rest of our life,
And cry for a lifetime.

Say 'Let's get married'.
Then live happily ever after...

How many can survive under the Cupid's arrow?
Most of them died.
In fact, the motive Cupid shoots us with his so-called love arrow is to let our heart bleeds to death.

Yet, there is always somebody that SURVIVE until the end.
Because the other half heals them from the injury.

Can every1 be the lucky 1? Who knows right?

p/s : hav a look.. read dis in a friend's blog..^^

Pauline ^^

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