Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Difference between Boyfriend and Guy friend

Which guy can become your Boyfriend , Which guy can only be your guy friend ?

Guy friend : Will find you to chat in MSN till late night
Boyfriend : Will chase u to offline if he sees you online at midnight

Guy friend : He will ask u to skip class or homework to go out with him
Boyfriend : He will rush you to finish off your work or do revision with you

Guy friend : When you are sick , he will talk nicely to care about you
Boyfriend : He will nag at you till you are annoyed and force you to go see doctor

Guy friend : He will say all the nice things to u and make you feel he is so great
Boyfriend : All the words he said is to care about you. But it always sounds like an order , even makes you feel why must he do so

Guy friend : He will co-operate with you for all the stuff that you do as long as you're happy
Boyfriend : He will analyse all the good and bad for you. It makes you feel he cared too much

Guy friend : He will say he will gives you all the happiness
Boyfriend : He will say he only can guarantee you that he will be the happiest man on earth if you be with him

Guy friend : He will buy you supper , deliver it to you and fetch you go and back from work
Boyfriend : He will buy supper for you but will also reminds you what is healthier
He will fetch you go and back from work provided that it is on the way
He will not skip class for u. Because if he skipped class , results will be affected Then he won't get a good job with high pay in the future
Then your future together will be affected . He will think further

Guy friend : He only think bout now
Boyfriend : He already planned for the future so that you have a good life with him

Loving someone is so sweet yet so hurtful
Giving up on someone is so sad yet so heartbroken
Appreciate all yr closed ones with you , don't wait till you lose it
Then only realize how pain is suffering and regretting

Love lots ,

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