Saturday, February 13, 2010

my 21st birthday ♥♥

As usual, woke up early in the morning and get myself ready for college..
suppose to feel happy and excited for my 21st birthday celebration
I fall

dragged my ass to college after i took 1 panadol activ fast + herbal tea+ vit C..
forced myself to concentratein class from 8 till 11.... >.<

i bao 2 pack of "wan tan" during the 3 hrs class.. >.<

skipped the class from 1145 till 245 .. go library sleep.

. -3pm-class end-

meet boon , jason n lam jie at library.. thinking how to spend the 4 hrs in btw before my party.. and finally decided to go pyramid sing k..(i took 2nd panadol and sleep inside most of the time)

p/s : boon can sing really well.. ^.^
we left pyramid at 630.. and moved our ass to .... ... ...

venue : Zinglicious

time/ date : wednesday , 10th feb , 7pm

boon fetch us there...
i was so damn suprised to see jason roy n andrew there.. coz i remembered previously

i asked reen.. "did u invite them" and

reen replied " oh.they not free" (damn smart har) xD

okay, cut all craps ~~ look at sum pics 1st

Pauline , Nicole , Kevang , ME, Shereen , Wee Ying , Sine Yee

group pic <3



(soli cant manage to take all foods pic)

While others were eating inside there ..some of us were outside jiang niao hua ..^.^

Hmm…im sooOOO lazy to described in details…lets jz show some pics okay ?? ^.<

( I hate blogging such long post where still got so much of pics nedta be upload , so i`ll cut all the craps)

my birthday cake


DKNY-delicious night!!!

i wanted this for soOO long and they got it for me as present ^.^
hearts them

(hmm, i oni managed to upload this, others present dun ned upload la..veli lazy to take pic >.<)

next ,enjoy the pics below ^^

sine yee aka lao po

the purple gay, Jason Tuang -tulan face

the purple gary ^^ boon wei tan aahahah

Jim Ng

my "son" hehe

lam jie ^.^

hon leong aka gan fu

hearts her.. my sista alw <3

my xiao di , Hwa Siong


Last but not least …I wanna say thank you sOO much for everything u guys had done for my 21st bday…

I really had a great one

love each n every 1 to the max ^.^



i love this the most <3>

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  1. Hey friend happy valentine day & chinese new year, u hv a nice blog here, nice to meet u, wish all the best to u 6-^