Sunday, August 2, 2009

bac homE~~!!!

WAH`!!! syok!! jealous la..hav such a gud mummy n daddy... ^.^

okie..i got bac here ard 1 30pm..rushing to finish off da housework then tryin get my to study since there`s gonna b a test for T8..(i dun wan ROF n TAICHI)bt end up..hahahhaha ^.< (i borrow Cd fr my cousin,so end up kip watching movie )

Fri, rushing bac to hometown for my grandpa`s birthday, I totally forget to grab sum books or notes bac to study...

okie..i`d gain more weight now...sigh`!!! Ate 5 slices of cakes...DAmn yummy~~~~ :P

haiz~~!!tonnes of story happend bt jz dun hav da mood to post~~!!!!!

i really dunno wat`s wrong wif me...i feel strange inside my heart bt dunno how to jz had been a month dis kind of strange feels following seems every bad things happen to me in my life...i felt tat `sum` ppl ard r really FAKe...dunno whether izzit those ppl or me tat had changed??????????????????????/


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