Sunday, August 16, 2009

Touching ! ^^

Woke up around 9.45am , then wash up , dress up , put on light make up .
Sat down sofa there watching Breakin The Magician's Code while waiting for XQ . lol
After 11am d still no signs of her . She told me she come pick me up around 10.45
Then around 11.10am , car honk , I looked inside the car. Inside got 4 ppl
XQ , HS , Nic , Pau. I was like huh ?? O.o
So when ask them bout it , it seems that Pauline dowan drive to Jusco alone.
And for HS , so called he came down too early . lol

So reach Jusco d , then we went karaoke. Sang for quite long and ate quite a lot too .
Suddenly , Happy Birthday song came up. Nobody select the song oso. I was like huh O.o
Then they started singing only I know is they go tell the counter to put that song
I was damn shocked and they singing nicely. Beside my ear. Shouting. lol
At that moment I really laughed kao kao. XD

After Green Box , we walk walk around and went to BBQ Plaza for lunch
Order the economy pork set and economy chicken set.
Basically I was playin thru out only , Nicole was like ' woi u main masak masak ? ' ^^
Out of random , I told HS that I wan chocolate cake bcoz Secret Recipe was just opposite
I was just playing that time bcoz he said that he go Secret Recipe eat leave us at BBQ.
Suddenly , he sy he wan go toilet. Then he get up and went
When he came back , he hold a plastic bag and put in front of me
Secret Recipe Box
When I open , Chocolate Indulgence !!!!!!
I was like ' how u know I like this cake ?? ' He sy he juz pick it coz he like . Damn Ngam !
We shared the cake and finish it.

After BBQ Plaza , we went back to my house. My dad bring out all the chocolate and say
' U all can afford to get fat rite ?? ' lol
Then Pauline say wanna play UNO. So I went upstairs and take.
When I came down , I saw a red bag on the table . So I pretend din see. lol
Then they say ask me sit down and open.
Oklo , when I open the bag , inside got shirts and one stacks of paper folded.
Took out the shirt . Got 2 shirt . Damn nice. XQ picked it out . ^^
Then when took out the card , its cover is in purple colour
The front page is my name and a picture of me .
Then when I open inside , is all the messages from 4 of them.
Damn touching. But at that moment , 1 thing I was curious was how come they plan and I dunno.
So they slowly told me everything.
4 of them inside the car in the morning that time is coz all of them is at Nic house
They were there damn early to get the card done.
Actually the karaoke is 10am-1pm . But changed time to 11am-2pm because scared no time do the card.
Then when I ask Nic y change time , she say coz HS scare cant wake up.
The truth is all of them gather at her house
HS started his journey at 8.15am. So so touching.
Then last thurs when we went to Pyramid , Pauline & Nic say wan go MCD eat ice cream.
The truth is they went Popular to get all the purple colour papers
Then when in class , Hwa Siong ask me my phone say wan play game.
The truth is they are bluetooth-ing my pics so they can wash.

After knowing the whole story , my tears rolled down. They plan till so perfect till I hardly suspect anything except for the karaoke changing time thing. lol. Then bout the 2 shirts is Fri when XQ bought it in Pyramid when she dun have moral.

I really glad to have them as a family. I asked them to stay back to have dinner but all of them cabut balik. Then we have our family hug . ^^

Here , I just wanna express how thankful and touched for all the things that had done for me . It was so suprised that I dunno wad to say at that moment . I was just expecting a normal celebration only but just look , they make it a perfect 18th Birthday Celebration

At night , daddy brought me , mum and bro to TGI Subang Parade . I ate a lot and I think today gonna gain a lot weight d. XD
Reached home and I'm bloody tired now . super sleepy ^^

Thats all for now .

Thanks everybody for those wishes ^^

Love ,
Shereen aka Th3 H@ppy PurPk3 PrinC3ss

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