Friday, August 14, 2009

My early 18th Birthday Celebration

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I celebrated my early 18th birthday with whole lots of friends from Group 1 , 3 and 4 . I really appreciate it a lot for making it full of unforgettable memories . I enjoyed it a lot . I think I laughed more than I eat. To view pictures for that evening , pls refer to the link above because I too lazy to upload one by one . ^^ and very sorry if I hardly talk to some of u yesterday night due to too many ppl to entertain . Sry ya >.<

Thanks a lot to my dear , Xiu Qi , she really do a lot for this celebration . Collect money and Run up and down just to get this outing done .

A very special thanks to Justin , Jun Hoong , Jon , Jian Yun , Nick , Ka Hei , Jia Wen , Jia Yeen , Siu Shan , Mei Jan , Ryan , Kenneth , Jack , Kenneth , Jeffrey , Catherina , Wee Nee and Cheh Yuen for the presents . ^^ ( hope I din miss out anyone )

Will update soon. results coming out . pray for me ^^

p/s : sometimes when its time to let go , be strong and let it go .

Love ,

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