Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fever !!!

Fever d lo !!!



not me fever la ..
not H1N1 la..
is Boon Wei fever d ..
he today sot sot dei
dunno y suddenly so good
need go buy 4D ..
sure jackpot ..

ok.. noe y i say he fever anot ??

he treat me San Francisco coffee and lollipop
damn good rite ??
so call my bday present
but dunno true anot de hor boon ??
u know i know la..

Anyway , thx a lot to Boon
next time treat u back k ??
dun wry
wont treat u rm0.80 de nescafe de
not so kiam siap de .. XD

Lately very fan.. ish ... sry for the slow update for blog.. dunno wad other pig busy bout .. wait till free oni update la ..

Love ,
ShereeN aka Th3 Happy PuRpl3 PriNcesS

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