Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally !!!!

OH MY GOD !!!!
It's finally over !!!
But you know what , dunno y but I just dont have the very relief kind of feelings
Maybe I'm already numb with exams
Come on , we sit for exams every about 2-3 weeks which is killing most of us.

So , plans are coming up and slowly flooding all our schedule
We already plan to :
1. Sing Karaoke
2. Go genting to just sit the CorkScrew ( I should bring Jason along) XD
3. Go Bukit Cahaya to cycle ?
4. Go SHOPPING !!!!
5. Movie Marathon
6. Watch TV ( u guys might think I sit exam till wire sot d )
p/s : nola , my tv k.o lately , so I din watch tv for like erm 2 weeks d ? lol
7. Plan trip to Penang ( hopefully it works )
8. Go Aquaria with family O.o
9. Spam my Restaurant City ( I know I'm a bit kiddo la )
p/s : but , my boss keep bully me n hijack my CARROT & POTATO & most importantly
10. claim compensation from my boss =)

About the sneak preview that I posted in the previous post ,
I guess I need to postpone it due to the pictures are not done yet .
So sorry ya >.<

I'm going to continue facebook-ing and msn-ing
Nitez Guys !!!
rest well and enjoy to the max ya !!

p/s : boss dun be mad at me . u know i'm joking . XD

Love lots ,
ShereeN ( i'm tired d )

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