Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chooi Leng & Ross's wedding

Recently , I attend a relative's wedding which to me is very grand
because I haven attend any wedding that is more grand than this one . lol .
( I know I'm suaku ) ^^
So , I accompany my grandparents to the house tea ceremony
as my grandpa is the representative as the others granduncle and grand auntie
are mostly close to 90 years old already .
Bride is the Than's side . Groom is from UK if I'm not mistaken.

This is how the garden being set up into guest sitting place

This two big big antique chair is use for tea ceremony

Pink is the main colour for all the flowers

Middle is the walkway for the bride and groom

In every seat , you can find a wedding confetti and a traditional chinese hand fan

This is the guest book where you can leave message for the bride and groom

A picture of the bride and groom with my grandparents

Look at how tall is the groom . zzz. typical ah moh lang hor ? XD
I don't have much picture with me due to I was assigned to handle
the family and relatives guest

Congratulations to
Chooi Leng and Ross
and may their love and happiness last forever ^^

Will update more pictures when they are updated at Louis Pang's website .
Do u all know that Louis Pang was their official photographer
through out the whole wedding ?
Louis Pang is the top and most awarded wedding photographer here in Msia.
His pictures all are very professional and each picture has a different story
I also wan my wedding pictures taken by him . lol . Haha .

Currently having holidays but also kinda boring . Haihz .
Going Penang soon with the gang . ^^ I know it will be fun . XD

Love ,

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