Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pictures ~

Whole row of Grand Pool Villas

Pathway during the night

View of the private pool

2 king size bed with 4 pillows each ^^
I never slept till so comfortable before . haha

View from our room window .
Can u see the 2 blocks with no roof ?
That is the outdoor private pool .

These are provided just beside the pool.

There are actually a small stairs in between the two bed if u notice .
So so cute right ? haha.
Idea for my future house again . XD

The tile that you can look at the sea water
The water is not that clear so cant see any fish.

I don't know why but I just like this design
Like when the lights shines on the wall colour .
Idea for my future house >.<

Restaurant that we had our buffet dinner , breakfast & lunch

Just added more pictures because XQ requested . ^^
A good place to relax and away from all the hectic lifestyle in the city.
Enough of introduction I guess XD
Will leave it to you guys to go there and explore .

~ ReeN ~

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