Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !


According to Pauline , Jusco Bukit Tinggi is like my second home ,
So of course I wouldn't miss out their Christmas decorations this year.
I expect those normal Christmas trees with lots of ornaments hanging on it .
You know , those standard Christmas trees that you see in most shopping complexes.
But this year , the Christmas trees in JJ Bukit Tinggi is extraordinary .
It is the first time I ever see this kind of Christmas trees .
My first reaction was WTH , like this also can ?
So , how does the tree looks like ?

This is the view from first floor .
The Christmas tree in the middle was the tallest Christmas tree in Malaysia .
So , still what so special about it ?

Here's what so special about this tree .
The tree is all made up using recycled items such as plastic bottles and plastic bag .
The plastic bottles is then all tied up to the frame .
They held a recycling campaign to collect all these .
Instead of straight selling those items , they use it for the Christmas Tree decorations .

They had not only use plastic bottles and plastic bags .
They also used egg tray . Those tray with 30 eggs on it .
As you all know , these egg trays are made up of cardboard .
So it is also recyclable. Very good idea right ?
Good job and well done to Aeon Bukit Tinggi !
Keep it up !

Enjoy this season of festive and have a great time !

Love lots ,
~ Reen ~

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