Thursday, December 3, 2009

Port Dickson Trip ~

Remember that I went to Port Dickson for holiday ? ^^
We stayed at The Legend International Water Homes.
It is rated 4-star by CNBC for Best Architecture & Best Development awards.
Here are some pictures took during the trip .
I had added some pictures in the previous post .
Overall , it was a very relaxing and fun trip .
Nice accommodation , fantastic service and amazing view .

Toiletries that they provide
Do you know that their shampoo , conditioner and lotion brand is AIGNER ?
AIGNER is a famous leather collection brand from NEW YORK
First resort that I saw provide branded shampoo. cool.

View of the bathroom

The Kitchenette
They provide all sorts of Boh Tea like Jasmine , Green , Ice Lemon Tea and etc.

Sunset view
Very suitable for couples ^^

Sunset view

Pretty & cute model

She's just so adorable right ?
Super photogenic ^

Overall , The Legend International Water Homes is fantastic .
I would definitely head back again if I have the chance .
I love the water chalet a lot because they provide you with your own private pool.
The private pool is not like those normal jacuzzi for 2 person size .
But it is about the size of 2 king size bed.
Plasma LCD TV in your room and a DVD player .
And one more thing , most of the hotel provide u the card to enter yr room
which is u insert then when green light, then u pushes the door
But here , u cant insert the card but instead flash the card
at a particular bar then the door will automatically unlock.

That's all for this trip .
Sorry for the lack of pictures due to timing problem.

Lastly ,
to all my friends that are sitting for exams soon .
May all of you do well and pass with flying colours .

Love lots ,

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