Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Piggy Family

After so long , our family finally have something in similar .
There is a reason why we choose to buy this string.
It means that our heart is link together with this thing .
It's not the type that u tied to yr dog la.
Although one of our sisters trying to use it to commit suicide .
Too much drama ?? hmmm
It seems that her blue wire burnt d .
So guys out there , you know what to get for her for her upcoming birthday .
She's so gonna kill me . hahaha
Kay , straight to the point what we actually bought.
I'm too noob to know what material it is .
But it is a long strap to use it as bracelet , rubber band or whatever.
Even though is not any expensive things , but is the thoughts that counts .
And thanks to Winnie for giving us discounts ! ^^

We tied it around our wrist . This is the 4 sisters in the family's hand.
Slowly guess which one is which sister. ^^

Another shot of the string which we have not really figure out how to tie .

A star pose of our fingers with the string .
And someone look damn yeng right ? ^^
And we even come up with the idea .
If any of us gets lost , we will find them by identifying this string .
You cant blame us for being so sampat sometimes . XD
We really had fun yesterday and laugh from Sunway to Sg. Wang .
Hwa Siong will just shook his head at us . No eyes see . lol.
Pauline and I bought the same bag as we laid our eye together on the bag .

Sister's bag . ^^
Notice I tied the string to the bag ? The red and black string .
Because I haven figure out how to tie it nicely around my wrist .
Plus , I probably cant tie it by myself .
This bag cost RM25 .
Cheap cheap . =)

Will be leaving to Penang soon .
Will leave the blog to my other sisters and hopefully brother to update. haha

That's all for now .
Take care and have fun for the rest of the holidays !

Hugs and kisses
~ Reen ~ xoxo

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