Saturday, October 3, 2009

Broken pieces of me

I woke up with my mind still dreaming about you
It felt just like yesterday when everything falls apart
It had passed so long yet I can never get out of it
I cant stop myself from
Thinking about you
Thinking about our memories
Thinking all the things you had done for me
Thinking all the good and bad times we went through together

How many times I wish I could just brainwash myself
To stop looking back into the past
And to stick the broken pieces of me back together
To prove to u that I'm strong enough to live without you
But in real life , it hits me back
With the truth that I'm still clinging on to hopes
Hopes that I should have let go ages ago

For all you had done to me , I should not forgive you
But deep down inside I cant bare to be angry with you
Every seconds I just hope that it never ends
With you cherishing me and showering me with yr love
How many times I told myself to wake up
To get on with my life and never look back
But is easy to be said and hard to be done

I'm too weak to carry this burden all on my own
Will you come and lessen my burden ?
But I know this is impossible
As times pass by , I know that you are not coming back
Even it's too late , I still wanna tell you
I never regret being together with you

~ ReeN ~

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