Friday, October 16, 2009

My Happy 18th Birthday ~~ ^^

Today, my lovely piggy family organised a small celebration for me in Shogun, Pyramid to celebrate my 18th birthday.. ^^

We had fun during the celebration. We even played a small interesting game.. so called 'numbers and wasabi game' hahaha xP. We laughed until so high while playing this game.. every1 in shogun can even hear our voice i think.. haha XP

Soon later, Xiu Qi asked every1 to stand up.. and here came the cake and birthday songs -- english and chinese version~~ Thank you very much~~ ^^ It's a cheese cake...O.O Wah.. open flower (only pig members know what it means).. hahaha XP And thereafter, Shereen asked every1 to feed me the cheese cake.. hehe ^^

Next, Jie, Bang, 3 jie and 4 jie gave me a birthday present.. and with a small booklet combined by lots of small cards made by 4 of them. It's very nice and beautiful.. and it's very touched.. thank you.. MUACKS.. ^^ They did put lots of effort in making the so called birthday card. ^^ Love ya ~~

I really enjoyed my 18th birthday very much.. thanks to every1 that wished me and made my birthday rly a happy and joyful birthday. Haha~~ ^^ Thank you^^

Thanks to Jeffrey, Kenneth, Ryan, Zhao Yen, Yong Pin, Seng Yeang, Yong Hong, Nick and Jia Wen for attending the celebration and thx for the meal.. Thank you very much.. ^^

And thanks to Jia yeen, Siu Shan, Mei Jan and Cheryl for the birthday presents. Thanks a lot ^^

And lastly of course, thanks to my piggy family. Thank you bang n three jie.. VERY MUCH~~ Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.. ^^ ^^ thanks for the card, present and the celebration and thanks for making my birthday such a happy and wonderful birthday.. =) Thank you~~ ^^ Love u all the most.. MUACKS!!! ^^


Small Pig
Pauline ^^

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