Friday, October 9, 2009

Super duper cute ^^

Headed over to Pyramid with Xq and Nicole just to walk walk and burn fats . lol
Then when we walking around , we saw the small boy that we saw last week at MCD
Last week the small boy wore the bumble bee clothes .
This week the small boy wore the dalmation dog clothes.
Can u imagine how cute is he ?? he is super duper cute
The moment u see him , u just feel like pinching his cheeks . haha
ok , i noe i too excited d

So , here i present u the cutest baby I saw in Pyramid ^^
Tadaa !!

Nicole and me wit the small boy.
He's too busy with his food ^^

Shot 2 : look at the camera pls ? ^^

Shot 3 : see !! he's so so cute .. ^^

Boon Wei with the cutie . XD

super adorable rite ? ^^

Not gonna update so often d coz exam coming. sobs .Shereen need to study. zzz
Will update after mock exam finish . ^^

heart bmw
Love ,

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