Friday, October 16, 2009

♥ Happy Birthday Pauline

HapPy 18th BiRthDaY
~ PauLiN3 ~

Dearest sis , may yr 18th birthday is a wonderful one and left unforgettable memories in yr life . All the best in yr future up comings and especially CAT/ACCA life .
In the future , no matter how tough the problem u face , I believe that you can overcome it with the best solution .
Since the first day I get to know you , you had been the most cheerful girl in our class .
Your laughter accompany me through out all the good times and bad times .
From a stranger to classmates to best friends and now sisters , we get to understand and treasure each other more .

Once again , enjoy yr birthday to the max !! ^^

Love lots ,
SheReeN <3

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