Friday, October 30, 2009

Jennifer's Body

Went to college today to sit for Moral exam . zzzz
I basically didnt study for it , so obvious rite ?? ^^
So I just happy go lucky and went in and stun when saw the first question .
Come on , first 10 questions I know none of it .
Aiya bother la , who cares , is oni moral
.. hahahaa
So , I finish my paper within 10 mins and just sat there waiting for time to pass
I guess I'm just too bored so I started to text Xiu Qi . lol.
Went off around 12.15pm and headed over to Pyramid
Had lunch at MCD and went for movie arou
nd 2pm

We watched :

Jennifer's Body
Rating : 6/10

And half way through out the movie , Xiu Qi texted me .
Reason : to accompany her to the ladies .. hahaah.. so cute of her la ^^
Basically till the end of the movie , I still bit blur blur .
Some of the scene is freaking gross... euwwwww....
Kay la , I know some of u guys dowan me to continue d .. XD
Wont spoilt the exciting moments k ?? =)

Bought a clutch from Bonita today for a wedding coming up .
Bonita is currently having sale bcoz I think is new outlet .

Wont be updating so often bcoz finals is just 1 MONTH AWAY !!!
I'm so not prepared .. zzzzz
Mum summor ask me when I got holidays . She wanna bring me to Singapore . T.T
I wanna go so badly so pray for me it doesnt clash with any of my exams .

p/s : I so so wanna try out Krispy Kreme doughnuts !!!!!

Love ,
ReeN , Th3 PurPl3 PrInCeSs

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