Sunday, October 25, 2009

WooHoo !!

Went over to Sun-U Residence to meet up with Boon Wei they all .
So sry to those ppl that had waited for us . sry sry >.<
Then headed to Joo Vee's house so that she can lead us to Delicious .
Me and Xiu Qi waited outside .
As usual la , Xiu Qi started with her standard procedure .
She had been doin this procedure everyday .
As in everyday . Mayb more than 5 times a day . So what's the standard procedure ?? Answer is looking into the mirror to check on her precious hair .
haha Even car reflection oso she wanna check her hair. lol . Xiu Qi arh Xiu Qi
So waited for Boon Siew & the rest in front of Prince Hotel ( if i'm not mistaken)
Then we headed to Delicious for dinner .

Was very crowded . ( Thx to Ching Yoon for making reservation )
Was a very nice place to dine . ^^
We celebrated the 2 Boons birthday together that nite

1. Boon Wei's birthday which is on the 20th of Oct
2. Boon Siew's birthday which is on the 21th of Oct

Overall , all of us had lots of fun and me & Xiu Qi get closer with previous G1 friends. It will be one unforgettable night to me . ^^

Xiu Qi & Reen

ReeN <3

Love ,
SheReen ^^

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