Friday, October 2, 2009

Nice one guys !

woke up when my phone vibrates . check the time , it is only 9.41am
lol . coz i planned to wake up late since not going to college
read the msg wif my eyes half open . saw is fro
m Xiu Qi
So end up helped her to check movie timing .
And took train to Subang Jaya to meet up with them

We went and watch movie at Pyramid
People who attended :
1. Me , Shereen ^^
2. Xiu Qi

3. Hwa Siong
4. Nicole
5. Pauline
6. Kenneth

7. Jack
8. Jeffrey
9. Ryan
10. Hoong Kin


the poster might look like nothing but it is a thriller .
overall its kinda scary when see how they murder people
some of our frens were very scare and tot of cabut lari d half way through the movie
but everyone stay till the movie ends .
during the movie, some cover with hands , some with jackets , some pinch the beside ones

Rating for the movie : 7/10
Scariness : jack rate 11/10 XD

p/s : best wishes to those who are affected by eathquakes , typhoon and tsunamis .
may God bless u all . ^^

Love ,
ReeN ^^

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