Friday, July 10, 2009

Sleepy day~~

Hahaha.. this morning i was quite sleepy in the class. Xiu Qi, Shereen and Nicole went to join Group 1 today and left Hwa Siong and I. I keep yawning all the way throughout the class >.<, non-stop, i yawned every 5 minutes i think, haha XP.

After our moral class ends at around 2 sth, I joined Hwa Siong and Martin to rock cafe for our lunch. We din eat since morning, dam hungry, haha. Well, we eat and we talk. Our conversation was very funny and we talked about durian. HAHA~~ for ur information, I'm anti-durian, I never eat before(not even 1 bite) our so called "King of Fruit" --- Durian, i don't dare to eat and i just don't know why and i feel that the smell of durian is smelly.(sorry to all the durian lovers xP) HAHA~ when both Hwa Siong and Martin know dat i don't eat durian, they just keep laughing and said durian is so tasty.. haha. Martin keep AIYO and even said "No durian, No life" haha~~. Then i told them that i don't eat crab, mutton, chewing gum, otak-otak, duck and so on.. they just keep AIYO and we laughed non-stop. HAHAHAHA~~ Then we said about bitter gourd, and i said bitter gourd is very nice, but both of them showed me the face like kena bomb, they don't like bitter gourd, HAHA~~, they said my taste is weird and don't know wat to say about me.. haha.. laughed all the way and finally we went home. TIRED DAY~~ LOL!

Okay, since Hwa Siong post something in Chinese, let me switch the channel to mandarin also. Lol.. *switch*

Haiz.. don't know why can't type in chinese, zzz =.=. Just forget about it ba, very sleepy now, signing off d. So, will post something if i found something to crap more. HAHA xD BYE~~

p/s : I don't think I'll be changing to any other group so far.. just hope to hear the good news from Jia that we can get Mr. Akhbar to teach us T7 (he's a good lecturer as what majority of students said) . =)

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