Friday, July 10, 2009

10th july 09- testing of class..XD

As usual fetching shereen n nicole to coll..on our way to coll..v GOSSIP~!lol..gals~!!tats normal~!!v were all complaining abt da timetable n lect..where actually v suppose to hav our t7 n ME 2day..sienz~!!!!all of us dun feel lik goin for da class...afta discussing for so so long (from klang till sunway)v reach to da final decision...LETS GO GRP 1 TESTING HOW`s DA CLASS N also da lect T6(MR JANA)..v den msg hwa siong n pauline..asking them to join us along...MANA TAU...they refuse to..haiz~!!! so..when v reaches coll..v straight head to da lect.hall to booked a place n then left da classs...*thinking wanna suprised da grp 4 ppl* haha...XD when its time v walk into da class.. well..i think v did suprised them...they r kind of suprised to c 3 of us ther... :P

Few min later MR JANA walks in da was my 1st time seeing him..i thought he was a veli strict n fierce afta all..he`s really gud n nice......b4 he start abt his lesson..he wants da whole class to stand up..singing da national song...lolzz...swt~!! =.=

i was quite blurrrrrr ther...since i`ve ady missed after all still managed to catch up...XD JANA is really a joker..all of us laugh from starting of da class till end of class...

n is da 1st time i could stay up for da whole day...damn semangat study~!!hahahah XD(coz normally i`ll b in hawaii dancing d) :P

after lunch..WAH~!!!is a nice time to sleep..every1 feel so so sleepy..he den call a gal from dunno wher...cum n entertain us for a while..tat gal is really awesome~!!damn yeng~!!!cool~!!fantastic~!!!WOW~!!!..after tat sum of da students requested JANA to sing..YEA...he can realy sing~~~!!!!!!!......


lazy wanna type d..lets jz end bah~!!

although it`s really tired after so many hrs of studying...from 8 till i enjoyed...it1s a great day~!!!!

signning off,


xiu qi

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