Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Genting Trip G3 & G4

Hie again !! ^^ ok..time to blog some events that all pig family members are involved with . Lets start wif Genting trip la . others I will slowly post up the pictures . my slowly is rly slowly de . so u guys wait la . XD

Date : 16th June - 18th June 2009
Venue : Genting Highlands

some of them said that 3 days 2 nights are too long but end up we still feel like not enough . Everyone had lots of fun ( I hope so . lol ) we had fun together as we laugh together and go crazy together . Even our Mr. Steady can go crazy too !! dun play play hor . ^^ We rly high gei high kao kao . Can laugh till next door oso can hear . And I SAT ROLLER COASTER FOR THE FIRST TIME !!! zzz .. so xia sui lo .. lining up dat time i can see all those younger than me de small boys go sit . rly scream till lose my voice .. We almost tried out everything for outdoor theme park . We went pool also . Donkey hs say dunno how to play . pro like shit . next time hor , his words all listen half can d .

Din really took much pictures this time as everyone busy playing nie . haha. miss all those sweet moments with u guys . very sry hor if u r not rly satisfied with the way i plan this Genting trip . >.<>

Thats all for now . just some pictures to make the blog more interesting . ^^ Enjoy !

p/s : my t8 and t9 textbooks is freakin thick . 300+ pages. zzz .

Signing off ,
Shereen aka The Purpl3 PrinCeSs ^^

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