Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2nd day of class ~~ Funny Day XP

Well, it's the 2nd day after college reopen ytd.. i felt so sleepy n lazy to wake up dis morning as i slept around 1am ytd (is dis morning.. zzz) although ytd was a super super super tired day >.<.. When pig family knows bout dis, they were like O.o and said "HAR??? Wah, y so late? wat u did? so yeng hor??" i was like BOMB BOMB BOMB.. hahaha.. since i usually go to bed the earliest.. HAHA. XD

Okay, ntg special today. We had T7 class with Ms. Yu dis morning, Hwa Siong was very tired dis morning and he felt very very sleepy during the class. LOL.. but we high gei during the class, something funny happened and dis made Xiu Qi n I laughed non-stop.. HAHAHAHAHA. It's very funny..it's sth funny between Yong Pin and Zhao Yen's pencil case. Hahahaha.. dam funny, even Zhao Yen also laughed..XD Well, Ms. Yu is still the same, and Seng Yeang like to "debate" with him.. haha. Another funny thing happened and made Shereen, Nicole and I laughed non-stop again.. Nicole suddenly said she ate maggie goreng for breakfast dis morning..LOUDLY..(mayb the class was too quiet at the moment).. hahaha.. den i said i ate mee goreng. Then, 3 of us laugh non-stop there, act ntg so funny also, i think we were too high dis morning. haha.. Xiu Qi was not there dat time, she was busy talking with her 'bestest' friend.. as what Shereen and I said, 'bestest' friend.. haha, rite? (High 5 Shereen). XP Basically, i laughed all the way throughout T7 class today. Haha. act is normal la.. I'm Pauline la wei.. everything seems to be funny for me.. haha.. xP

After lunch, we had our T8 class with Mr. Jay. Well, his class was quite interesting but seems to be bored also sometimes.. lolz. He asked us some questions today, he picked students who are wearing black shirt to answer his questions, and act i wear red shirt to college today.. mana tau dat time i was wearing my black jacket, zzz..=.= so got no choice.. hav to answer his questions. Luckily i managed to answer his question as i had copied down some notes from his blog ytd that related to his question. Lolz. If we are unable to answer his question, we will have to stand and if we still cant get the answer for the 2nd questions, we will kena the so called ROF(Ruler on Fingers).. zzzzzz. HAHA.

Okay, i think that's all for dis post, don't know what to write about anymore. XD And i think it's long enough to make u all feel bored when reading.. haha. 2moro we are going pyramid i think.. but as wat shereen said.. all decisions are in Xiu Qi's hand.. hahaha. XP The eldest wat.. wat to do.. haha.. must sleep earlier today.. if not my face will become black 2moro (coz will kena bomb by pig family again if i sleep late again =.=) HAHA xD

Okay.. I should STOP. haha. bye XD

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