Friday, July 24, 2009

Ponteng.. XP

Hello everyone.. long time didn't post sth here.. XD (but not longer than the third pig -- Nicole >.<...) xP

So, lets type something random here la.. haha XP

Okay, today was a very tired and bored day. XD Today, we had our T7 class in the morning. Then, we suppose to go for our Moral Education class after T7, but we did a very "smart job". We PONTENG.. haha XP
We went pyramid by Hwa Siong's car. (now Hwa Siong is also known as "bang", i.e short form for abang =.=) haha.. XD

Huey Yann and Wee Nee joined us too, but they went movie while we went McDonalds for our lunch. Lunch time promotion -- RM5.95. =P So, 5 piggies except Xiu Qi (she went along with her friend) had lunch and chit chat in McD for about 1 hour. haha... Then, we decided to go and sing K, but bang don't want, he wanted to play bowling, so we went to bowling centre, but unfortunately, today there was some kind of competition and bang din get to play. So, we decided to go for our actual plan -- sing K. Haha.. so we headed to Red Box but it's too expensive, so we went AmpSquare. There's much much cheaper than Red Box, as u all know la, we are still students, no money and we going to broke soon.. haha XD

So, we sang and laughed inside the dark room, and the most important thing, we eat again.. zzz.. we are rly from Pig Family.. haha XP Today we ate lots of thing.. super full.. going to gain some weight again.. >.<.. sobs sobs.. XD 4 of us high gao gao inside the KTV room.. Bang also sing le.. LOL..

Then, we went back college for the so called english class, CSB. For me, I think is for all of us, CSB class is waste of time, the lecturer just talked something random and talked lots of crap there, zzz.. for me what she talked were not related to our syllabus.. so, the class was just bored for me =.=... mayb next week we going to do our "smart job" -- ponteng again. HAHA..

Well, that's all for dis post.. super tired now.. and I think I going to fall sick soon.. >.<.. God Bless.. I don't want to fall sick..>.<.

p/s : Bang playing basketball with his friends now.. enjoy ya.. xD
p/p/s : I am having flu and headache now.. >.<.
p/p/p/s : All piggies must take care urself ya.. cause every1 falls sick now..>.<.
p/p/p/p/s : Hope Shereen's brother get well soon.. =)
p/p/p/p/p/s : Pig Head --- Xiu Qi, u must drink lots of water i tell u.. u see ur sore throat, flu plus cough.. until now also haven't recover.. so.. MUST MUST MUST MUST MUST drink lots lots lots lots lots of WATER.. plain WATER.. haha XP

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